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Man Tries To Kidnap A Little Girl. Has No Idea Her Dog Is Watching

It is a sad fact that children go missing across the United States and the rest of the world. Horrible things can happen to these children, who are taken from their homes or from their parents’ care. Sometimes these little ones run away and get caught up in something they could never have imagined. Other times they are kidnapped right from under their parents’ nose, which was the case recently in Woodbridge, Virginia.

While walking her dog in broad daylight, a crazed man tried to snatch up the ten-year-old girl. Every parent worries that some person like this criminal is going to drive into their otherwise safe neighborhood and try to tear their family apart.

But the scene as it unfolded was horrible. The little girl was so much smaller than the large predatory man who targeted her. She had no hope of fighting him off and getting back to the safety of her mother and father’s arms.

Thankfully, this little girl did not become the victim of the predator. And the story is one that we are proud to share with our readers. Not only did the little girl return to safety, the dog she was walking proved that he was more than a best friend.

The name of the girl and her dog have not been released to protect her privacy. But her story is making the rounds as people fall in love with the dog who saved her life.

While walking her dog on the Heather Glen Court block around 4 pm on Friday, the little girl noticed someone following her. The man then picked up his pace and charged at the little girl. This was at a busy time of the day when there were other children and parents around. People were bustling about returning home from work and school.

The man grabbed the little girl’s arm. Then he tried to tug her away into his vehicle where he was going to do who knows what with her.

But the man had failed to review all the facts. The girl’s dog immediately jumped to action. With untamed ferocity, the canine bit the criminal’s hand and refused to let go. The dog had returned to its wild roots and was protecting its friend.

The criminal, who proved to be a coward, released the little girl as soon as the dog’s teeth touched his skin. Then he yanked his hand from the dog’s vice-like mouth, scratching his skin in the process, and ran for the safety of his vehicle. His kidnapping attempt had been thwarted. The Woodbridge community couldn’t be happier to learn that the attempted kidnapping failed as it did. But it has also gotten other parents worried and concerned that the kidnapper could still be out there, lurking in the shadows, near the trees, ready to pounce on their little one at any time of day.

Hopefully, the attempted kidnapper has learned his lesson and will not try to steal a little girl from her family again.

What do you think about the way this dog saved the little girl?

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