Man Visits Prison With Service Dog. We All Held Our Breath When It Sprinted Toward One Inmate : AWM

Man Visits Prison With Service Dog. We All Held Our Breath When It Sprinted Toward One Inmate

Dogs have a way of making people smile. They always have more love to give. That’s why they help lift the downtrodden and inspire those who need support. Dogs will give, give, give without ever expecting anything in return. Dogs will greet their owners at the dog with love and affection and shower them with everything they have to give – and people are now taking dogs into institutions where people could use their warm spirit.

Pax is a wonderful service dog. He has given a disabled veteran the opportunity to live a fuller life again. But not only did Pax touch the veteran’s life, but he also visited a local prison where he lifted the spirits of one inmate.

Pax’s owner, Bill Campbell, was injured in combat in the Iraq war. As a veteran, he became 100 disabled due to a traumatic concussive brain injury. Because the injury was so severe, his family and friends worried that Bill would never be the same again. And if it was not for Pax’s intervention, he might not have recovered as he has.

Pax is a Golden Retriever and a wonderful companion. And he’s a true service dog, not one of the therapy dogs that people try to bring on planes for free.

Professionals trained Pax to be a PTSD service dog, and he gave Bill a second chance at life. He helped inspire Bill to take on the challenges of life upon return to the United States after his injury in Iraq.

Because Pax helped Bill so much, he was determined to meet the person who trained Pax to be such a good companion. As it turned out, Pax was raised at the Bedford Hills Women Correction Facility. A woman named Lauri taught Pax everything he needed to know to give the wounded veteran a second chance at living his best life.

Pax is a smart dog. That’s why he could tell where he was as soon as Bill brought him back to the correctional facility. Unlike most people, Pax was happy to be back at the prison because that’s where he learned everything he knew about being a great dog.

Things took an emotional turn as soon as Pax saw Lauri. She was his first “owner” because she was handler who taught him to be a remarkable companion for Bill. If it was not for Lauri, an inmate, Bill the veteran would have suffered for years trying to deal with the wartime injury to his brain.

Pax bounded for Lauri as soon as he saw her. She was his old best friend, and he was about to shower her with as much love as he could give.

As for Lauri, she was beyond grateful to be reunited with Pax. And during the encounter, Lauri and Bill met for a hug over their shared passion and love for Pax.

After reuniting Pax with Lauri, she took Bill and the dog into the facility where the service dogs are trained. For Bill, this was an opportunity of a lifetime because now he could see where his best friend was “born.”

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