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Man Who Assaults Officer Over a Traffic Ticket, Finally Has His Day In Court; Learns His Fate

No one loves seeing the flashing lights in their rearview mirror when they are getting pulled over, or seeing a ticket on their windshield due to parking illegally. However, it happens and the officers that are giving these tickets are just trying to do their job. In most cases, even if a person is not happy, they remain pleasant with the officer, get their ticket and go about the rest of their day. However, surveillance footage shows that one man was not happy about getting a ticket and he took his anger to a whole new level with the officer that gave it to him.

This incident happened in the United Kingdom. A man parked his car illegally and a traffic cop was simply doing his job by ticking the man’s vehicle. Apparently, the man was not happy about facing the consequences of his illegal parking job. The surveillance footage captured him assaulting the officer that gave him the ticket and it was not just a push and shove either. The man, 47-year-old Daniel Corneille, was recently sentenced to two years of time due to his actions on that day.

The sentence that Corneille received was based on charges for committing grievous bodily harm, but without intent. He did plead guilty to the charges. Once you see the video, there was really no doubt that no matter his plea that he would be found guilty for the crime. When you watch it, you can see him walking across the street quickly and purposefully toward the officer. At the time, the cop was taking pictures of the vehicle. Corneille then forcefully pushes the officer who flies to the ground. Corneille is then shown getting into the officer’s face when he is lying on the ground.

After screaming at the officer, Corneille pushes him back down to the ground again after forcefully grabbing him. The officer is then seen keeled over on the pavement as Corneille starts to walk away.

The traffic ticket in this case was because Corneille’s vehicle was said to be blocking an area of the road that was meant for blind people to be able to cross the street safely. He also had his vehicle on double yellow lines. Both of these are considered to be illegal parking in the city where this incident occurred.

Following the assault, the officer had to be transported to the hospital to have his injuries evaluated. After doctors ran some tests and did a physical examination, they concluded that he had a fractured shoulder from this completely unprovoked attack.

The officer that investigated this case says that Corneille said that on this day, he was having a hard time. Of course, bad days happen, but this does not mean that people have the right to take out their frustrations on others, especially in such a violent way. As he serves his sentence of two years, this is certainly something that he will be thinking about and once he is released, he will have hopefully learned his lesson and will never assault another person again.