Man With Alzheimer’s Waits Outside For The Garbage Truck. Daughter Cries Uncontrollably When It Arrives : AWM

Man With Alzheimer’s Waits Outside For The Garbage Truck. Daughter Cries Uncontrollably When It Arrives

When people are kind, others notice. People these days are so busy and stress out, they often act meanly to others. Because we are impatient to get where we are going and always in a rush, others get pushed to the wayside. That means people might be accidentally slighted or mistreated, even though that was never the intention. That’s why a little kindness goes a long way and makes you truly memorable.

Being kind does not require a huge act. It really just has to be simple. That’s why single mother Julie Bick noticed one happening right under her nose when she comes outside every morning to check on her father who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Bick has two children ages eight and ten. Her mother passed away suddenly in 2016. Then one year later, her dad got the life-changing diagnosis. Bick was horrified to know that her father was home alone, suffering from the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. That’s why Bick decided it was her responsibility to step in and spend more time with her father.

“It was something I truly was not prepared for,” Julie shared with Love What Matters. “I told myself no matter what happens, I will always be there for my father. I never was able to spend much time with my mother as her passing was sudden. I let life get in the way of making time for my mother, and I refuse to let life get in the way of me spending these last moments with my father.”

Because she wanted to be close to him, Bick and her children left their home and moved in with grandpa. They were happy to be there for him to help him through this tough chapter of his life. Having his family nearby, cheered Bick’s father up tremendously.

“My father was so happy about this,” she said. “He is such a fun loving guy that makes friends with anyone he comes in contact with.”

Although Bick was closer to her dad, she still had a lot of responsibilities to deal with. Her children still needed to go to school. Bick still needed to work. She also needed some time for herself or she’d lose her sanity. It was not easy doing it all.

Because her father had Alzheimer’s, Bick helped her dad keep a strict schedule, which helps.

Part of his schedule was hanging out with the garbage man, Harold, on Monday. Harold opened his heart to Bick’s father and gave him kindness.

“If we miss Harold when he comes, he will always go the extra mile to walk out cans back to our garage. I’ve heard other neighbors say that Harold will even knock on your door if the pickup day is around a holiday and you have forgotten to take your garbage out.”

After a rough night, Bick’s dad asked her to help carry a chair out to the front so he and Harold could speak.

“My father stops me and says, ‘Harold is my friend. He is religious, and I would like a moment with Harold so we can pray for you.’ I gave him his space and walked back to the porch with my eyes loading up with tears.”

A little kindness goes a long way.

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