Manhunt Underway for Couple After Discovering What They Did To Woman’s 4-Year-Old Daughter : AWM

Manhunt Underway for Couple After Discovering What They Did To Woman’s 4-Year-Old Daughter

Authorities in Michigan are actively looking for a couple who are accused of killing the woman’s 4-year-old daughter. Family members found the young girl unresponsive on New Year’s Day, with her arms and legs covered in burns, according to a report from Fox2. The child was rushed to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, where she was pronounced dead. The mother and her boyfriend, Candice Renea Diaz, 24, and Brad Edward Fields, 28, were charged with felony murder, murder in the second degree, first-degree child abuse and torture.

According to autopsy results, the girl’s death was ruled a homicide and further traumatic injuries were discovered.

According to reports, Fields has been arrested previously for domestic violence and charged as a habitual offender.

Police are asking for anyone who has information about the couple’s whereabouts to contact the US Marshals Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team’s 24-hour hotline at (313) 234-5656 or the Sumpter Township Police Department at (734) 461-4833, ext. 305. They are believed to be driving a black 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier with the Michigan license plate DTR1854.

The little girl’s father told WXYZ-TV Detroit: “She meant the world to me…” and said he didn’t think the girl’s mother abused the child, saying “I think it was her boyfriend who actually abused them.” He added, “I want her to turn herself in, I want justice for Gabby.”

Not surprisingly, many people have weighed in with comments on various Facebook posts about the news, with one commenter noting: “Omfg, it’s hard to believe there are humans capable of doing this. I hope they both die a thousand horrible deaths, each worse than the last.”

Another person added: “I agree there is story after story like this!! How can you do things like this!! Pure evil and I hope they suffer like that poor baby did!”

Most people were unable to wrap their heads around this kind of horrific crime, with one commenter noting: “I just can’t see why people would hurt a child I can’t understand it and I don’t think I ever will.”

One person who commented on the WXYZ-TV Detroit coverage of the story noted:

“With all of the things that police and CPS knew about this family, how did they ‘slip through the cracks’? It was known about the abuse, guns, drugs, and yet all the mom got was PROBATION for filing the serial number off of a weapon!!! Seriously! In any other circumstance, the children would have been taken out of the home and both adults would have been put in jail. Yet all they got were slaps on the wrists. Now a child is dead because of negligence on the authorities’ part. This could have been avoided. The place smelled, was nasty, guns, no food, etc. Both of them used drugs and had a 1-year-old AND a 4-year-old in the home?! And NO ONE did anything?! What more proof was needed to prove the children were in danger?! A black mom was working and she left her children home alone for 30 minutes, and both children were put in foster care. Sick!”