Man’s Racist Rant About Why White People Should Never Be Homeless Is Going Viral : AWM

Man’s Racist Rant About Why White People Should Never Be Homeless Is Going Viral

One man noticed a homeless man begging for money, and he saw something that most people might not. Because the man with the camera was an African American, whose ancestors were held in slavery when they were taken against their will from Africa, and the homeless beggar was a white American, the man with the camera decided to confront the man because he felt he was given a leg up from birth.

Watch the video below to see why this has sparked so much conversation.

“Kicking someone when they’re down makes you a huge *****.”

Some people came forward to argue how they felt the man’s argument was built on a false belief about where people come from in America.

“His argument is ignorant for many reasons, most of which is the fact that the vast majority of US Caucasian lineage began post-slavery. More white Americans can trace their lineage to Ellis Island than can pre-Civil War America.”

“Pretty ignorant to think every white person has ancestry rooted in slavery. I’ve taken DNA tests, and all my ancestry comes from places not involved in slavery, and in fact, were enslaved by other cultures historically. My ancestors weren’t even in the US until after slavery was abolished. And it is with many white people in the US.”

One person said that it is dangerous to assume people are a race of people just by looking at the color of their skin.

“I’m also very white looking by that I mean I have “white skin” and blue eyes. But I have a very Muslim (Moorish) last name, my mother is a refugee from Cuba and my father isn’t even a citizen of the US but is a permanent alien from Uruguay. So I’m a first generation American who would presumably be judged as a descendant of a slave owner from people who believe as this guy does.”

One person shared a story about how they saw a man like this at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

“Just saw a guy like this at Chick-fil-A drive through the other day. He was driving a Bentley. My boys and I noticed him and his friend because they were smoking a lot of weed in the Bentley while waiting in the drive-through. And playing super loud music. My eldest boy is not quite a teenager, and he said something negative about the guys in front of us. I forget what exactly but I recall I counter with something nicer. As we move forward through the line, the dude in front gets ready to drive off but stops at a homeless man begging for money at the exit. I can clearly see he hands the guy a bunch of $20s. I was like see how nice they are despite what appears on the surface? Somehow, while they are blocking the exit for two lanes for I’d guess about 8-10 minutes, both gentlemen in front begins to antagonize the homeless guy… Mostly I heard them calling him fat and saying he was pretending to be broke… Eventually the beat dude up right there. Take back their money and speed off while the rest of us in the line are like WTF?”

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This scumbag harassing a homeless man because he thinks his ancestors gave him a head start in life from r/PublicFreakout