Marie Let Her Dog Lick Her Face. 10 Days Later, She Woke Up With Her Legs And Arms Amputated : AWM

Marie Let Her Dog Lick Her Face. 10 Days Later, She Woke Up With Her Legs And Arms Amputated

Marie loves her dog. She has an intimate connection with her pooch. Her dog is part of her family, and Marie Trainer, 54, loves the dog. However, Trainer, a hairstylist from Alliance, Ohio, fell ill one day after returning home from a vacation with her husband Matthew in the Caribbean. And within hours of the condition exhibiting its symptoms, Trainer developed sepsis and became extremely ill.

So, what happened to this otherwise healthy hairstylist from Alliance, Ohio? As it turned out, doctors diagnosed the cause of her condition to be capnocytophaga, which is a bacteria that lives in dogs’ saliva. Trainer was shocked that she had contracted such a thing.

Trainer ended up going into a coma. When she woke up from it, she had lost her arms and legs. They had been amputated to protect her from dying of sepsis. Over the course of 80 days, Trainer went through eight surgeries and only survived when her arms and legs had been cut off.

When the symptoms first showed themselves, they resembled the flu or a backache. But it didn’t take long for the dangerous condition to develop and grow, and soon she was dealing with sepsis.

When she woke up from the coma, she was clueless about what was happening. It was like she woke up from blackness only to come to in the middle of a dream.

“When I opened my eyes I didn’t know where I was,” Trainer said. “Then I found out everything. Being in a coma for ten days — having this thing. My dog licked me… my dogs lick me all the time. It was very hard to find out that they had to remove my legs and my arms… very hard to cope with.”

Yes. Doctors believe that Trainer almost died cause her dog licked her. It was something that happened all the time, but this time, it threatened her life.

Doctors think that a dog licked a cut that Trainer had on her arm. Since she shares two dogs with her husband, they don’t know which one was responsible. But once the lick occurred, the bacteria invaded her system with a vengeance. Although Trainer had no previous health conditions, the lick was enough to set things off.

When the bacteria from the dog saliva enters the bloodstream, it can have disastrous consequences. It can sometimes lead to gangrene, heart attack, and kidney failure.

Although Trainer tried to nurse her symptoms at home, they kept getting worse. Before long, she was too sick to help herself. Only a hospital could help.

“Her temperature went up then went down to about 93 degrees, that’s when we rushed her to the hospital,” husband Matthew told Fox 8.

Her stepdaughter said, “It was so rapid in progression… there was nothing they could do.”

Trainer is not done fighting the bacteria. She has to now go through tons of rehabilitation.

Despite it all, she doesn’t blame her dogs and their dirty saliva. They plan on keeping the canines in the household.

“We still love our animals,” she said.

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