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Marine Returns From His Deployment, Loses Control When He Sees What His Wife Is Holding

When Francis Crespo’s husband went off to war, she was devastated. She was going to miss her beloved Brandon more than she ever had before. Although his deployment was six months, which wasn’t the longest anyone ever heard of, Francis was pregnant and wouldn’t have Brandon around to come with her for the ultrasounds and other doctor appointments. Because she was more than three months pregnant when Brandon left on deployment, the Marine’s wife was going to give birth to their baby before he returned, and that broke her heart.

More than anything, Francis just wanted Brandon nearby so he could rub her belly and tell her that she was beautiful despite feeling like an alien had hijacked her body. And Brandon felt bad that he wasn’t there for her, but he knew that his duty to country came first and so he was off on his tour of duty.

Eventually, the time came for Brandon to come home. His wife Francis waited eagerly for him along with all the other families at the Marne drop off spot. But Francis’s newborn baby, who was in her arms, held a special sign that stood out from all the rest in the crowd. The sign read:

“Out of my way. I meet my daddy today!”

Francis had given birth while Brandon was fighting the American fight. She had gone through labor alone and given birth to a baby boy who she named Noah. And when Brandon finally made it back stateside after his deployment, Noah was already one-month-old.

Because Brandon had been away with the Marines, he had yet to meet Noah in person. Although it is likely, they had numerous video chats during his time overseas.

When the Marines released Noah and the others at the drop-off spot, the Marines are all emotional as they get to see their families again. But Noah is perhaps the most of them all because his wife is holding his beautiful baby son in her arms. In other words, Noah loses control.

When he sees his wife, he starts running, cutting through the other Marines to get to her. He rips his cap from his head and uses it to cover his face because he is embarrassed by his tears.

Then Brandon reaches his family. He embraces them both as he continues to wet them with his tears.

After the wave of emotion breaks of Brandon, his wife tries to bring him back to the moment. It is now time for Brandon to hold Noah in his arms for the first time ever. It is a special moment that cannot be completely understood. It is a powerful thing to hold the life you had created in your arms for the first time.

Brandon takes Noah in his arms and cradles the newborn. Meanwhile, Francis, overjoyed to have her lover back, embraces him. She is so happy to see daddy and his son together for the first time.

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