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McDonald’s Employee Risks His Job To Show Everyone How To Get Free Drinks

When you go to McDonald’s, do you know that you can get FREE drinks just like that? Since this is not something most people know, one McDonald’s employee decided to turn to social media to alert the public about how they could do it, too. And fans of McDonald’s love this tip to get free drinks, but the head honchos at the large fast-food chain are less than impressed – and are now out to get the young man who exposed their free-drink secret.

While trying to drum up some interesting content, a McDonald’s employee based in the United States, who goes by Leroy Corduroy on the social media app TikTok, shared the top-secret hack to grab yourself free drinks at McDonald’s.

In the video, Leroy revealed that there is a key in the same cupboard in every McDonald’s locations. Customers simply have to break into the cupboard, take the key, and then use it to grab themselves free drinks for all eternity – or until McDonald’s updates the location of this drink fountain key.

Leroy’s video provides insight into every one of the 38,000 McDonald’s locations across the globe. While they may have different items on their menus and list their products in different languages, Leroy argues that they all have access to this free-drink hack. Although his trick is not legal – it is stealing – Leroy couldn’t care less about his employer and its deep pockets. He’s all for taking what he can from McDonald’s since he gets paid a wage that he cannot entirely survive on, relying on his parents to provide the roof over his head and food in his stomach.

In the video, Leroy said, “Every McDonald’s leaves the key under the ketchup.”

He then used the camera to show everyone how they can steal from McDonald’s as he does. In the video, you can see Leroy taking the camera to where people grab single-use packages of ketchup and lifting the bucket to reveal the small key right there for all to grab.

“You want to take the key and go to the last cabinet and put it in,” the thieving McDonald’s employee suggests. “After you get the key in, you can get any size cup, any size straw, and any size lid and get a free drink.”

Leroy then proves that his hack works because he films himself stealing from his employer and sharing the illegal act on social media to gain publicity for himself.

So far, the video has been viewed more than one million times. Leroy certainly got what he wanted, fame and notoriety for sharing his illegal behavior on video.

TikTok users loved the tip to get free drinks at McDonald’s. Like Leroy, they could care less whether they steal something from the fast-food chain.

“I’m guessing I’ll be seeing you at Wendy’s next week,” one person joked, alluding to the fact that Leroy will be fired soon.

Another person shared an easier way to get free drinks: “Why not just ask for a water cup if it’s that important to get a free drink?”

What do you think about this McDonald’s employee’s trick to steal from the company?

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