Parents are getting worried now that McDonald’s has announced that they plan to give their Happy Meal options a total makeover. The fast-food giant wants to update its Happy Meals to make them more environmentally friendly in an effort by the brand to fight back against climate change. The burger chain plans to tackle this challenge with a commitment to make its Happy Meal toys more sustainable by 2025, which means McDonald’s will begin working more closely with their supply chain and other factories to assure their customers that the toys are made of renewable, recycled, or otherwise certified materials.

McDonald’s believes that by changing the materials they use for their Happy Meal toys, they’ll be able to reduce the amount of plastic made from oil rather than recycled material by 90 percent over the next four years. McDonald’s locations in America are not yet offering sustainable toys, but locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland have already begun the transition to using better materials. Restaurants in France have already made the switch. These countries have seen a reduction in new plastic produced by 30 percent.

McDonald’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jenny McColloch, believes that this shift will be very popular among McDonald’s customers. Because younger consumers “care deeply about protecting the planet,” McDonald’s is working on reviewing “what we can do to help make our business more sustainable.”

With updated Happy Meals coming to a McDonald’s location near you, parents are going to want to know what they’ll be able to expect. In the past, Happy Meals offered parents a quick meal for hungry kids.

McDonald’s was not well-known for offering healthy food, but they are working to make some changes to this perception. The restaurant chain will now be adding organic milk and fat-free chocolate milk as options for kids who want to drink their meal with a straw. Parents can also look forward to apple slices being offered in addition to the traditional French fries that come with most Happy Meals.

Parents are going to love these changes, but kids may not be too happy with the switch from toys based on popular movies or television shows to more environmentally-friendly options. McDonald’s will be offering a new line of sustainable toys that they say is in keeping with their brand and commitment to “fun and quality.”

McDonald’s seems to be making a real effort with this move. They have promised that they will not just stop at changing their toys but plan on exploring new ways of reducing waste in other areas as well.

Parents are excited about the changes McDonald’s is bringing to its Happy Meals and can’t wait until all restaurants offer sustainable toys that are made of recycled materials.

Other people, including Louise Soper, Warner Bros. Pictures SVP of global brand partnerships, believes McDonald’s proposed changes will be good for the world.

“We applaud McDonald’s push for more sustainable toys around the globe, and we’re actively imagining what the next batch of your family’s favorite characters will look like in a way that’s just as fun and even better for the environment,” the WB executive said in a release.

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