Medical Examiner Finds Sick Thing Shoved Inside Dead Teen That Was Tortured : AWM

Medical Examiner Finds Sick Thing Shoved Inside Dead Teen That Was Tortured

A teenage girl in India was brutally raped and murder in an assault that reportedly involved multiple attackers. According to the Daily Mail, the girl was killed, following a terrible gang rape, in the northern state of Haryana. After leaving for school on January 9th, the 15-year-old girl went missing and was not found until January 13. Her body was covered with injuries that belied the seriousness of the crimes committed against her.

These 19 injuries revealed that she had been tortured and beaten in a dreadful attack, and also gave many indications that a sexual assault was carried out against her. In fact, a blunt instrument was found to have been inserted inside her private parts.

District Police Chief Abhishek Garg has been leading the investigation into this girl’s rape and murder. “At least four men are suspected to be behind the crime,” he said. “A massive search is underway to arrest the perpetrators.”

The body of the young victim was found near a small river, some distance from her hometown. The 60 miles between the town and city of Kurukshetra – where she was found – must have been covered by her after she had been abducted. The girl was found covered by a thing and tattered shirt and her wounds were easily visible. These wounds extended across her neck, face, and chest, but were concentrated on the upper body. It was confirmed that she eventually drowned after the incident.

“The body had many injury marks, the private parts were mutilated and there were lots of internal injuries,” said S.K. Dattarwal, a doctor at the Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences. “Signs of sexual assault are visible and it looks like at least four people were responsible, a hard and blunt thing was inserted inside her, signs of drowning also found.”

It seems as though authorities are quite sure that this terrible act was carried out by a gang of men. In fact, two men, former neighbors of the girl, have already been arrested in connection to the crime. According to Panipat Police Chief Rahul Sharma, the arrests of two local men were made quickly after the girl’s body was discovered. The man have reportedly admitted to the crime – confessing to luring the girl to their house before raping and killing her.

The girl’s family is distraught. Her father’s reaction is unsurprising and tragic. The Sun reported that he said,

“She had left for tuition classes, as usual, but when I went to pick her up at 8 p.m., the teacher informed me that she had not arrived that day. She was nowhere to be found. Around 10 p.m. that night we filed a police complaint.”

The father also took the opportunity to call out the Indian administration and local government for not properly taking care of its citizens. “My daughter was kidnapped and raped,” he said. “She was tortured. If the administration had done its job well, an incident like this would have never happened.”