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Meet The Firefighter Who Is Building An “Empire” With 3 Wives And 9 Kids

Although he’s only 41-years-old, Jermaine Roquemore is a retired firefighter and former bouncer who has three wives and nine children. He lives with his first wife, Angelica, 41, as well as his second partner, Leighanne, 36, and his third partner, Maria, 41. The family lives together in Bakersfield, California, with their nine children. Because Roquemore “loves everybody,” he decided to abandon “insecure” monogamy and live a life of free love and romance, building the life of his dream and turning his family into an empire.

Roquemore started his family when he was just sixteen-years-old. He has grown his family ever since and celebrates the 23-year age gap between his eldest and youngest child.

“‘We were taught to be monogamous, and I feel like that just makes us become insecure,” he said. “We’re told to go out there and find the one, the perfect love, the perfect mate and spend the rest of our lives on this earth with just that one person. To me, that was very unideal because I love everybody. Polyamory has opened that door and that opportunity for us to expand our horizons. But to expand it together instead of being a broken home and me having multiple partners all over the world, we combined ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and have built this empire.”

When Roquemore was just nineteen-years-old, he met his first wife, Angelica. She works as a real estate agent. After they tied the knot, she did not demand monogamy. Instead, she demanded that he respect her and her well-being. This freedom opened Roquemore up to falling in love with other women.

Three years after marrying his first wife, he met another woman who would become his second partner. Leighanne works as a retail manager. They met while Roquemore was scouring an online chat room looking for love. They quickly fell in love and in September 2011, she moved in with Roquemore and Angelica.

Although having two wives had its struggles for Roquemore, he was not done expanding his family. In 2015, he met analyst Maria on a dating app. They met several times on romantic rendezvous before he convinced her to join his family for the rest of her life.

So what’s it like?

“It’s like having a team of warriors that constantly have your back and support your well-being. This combination of love we built has allowed me the opportunity to love unconditionally and learn the differences it takes to emotionally, mentally, and physically support each of them in there and my own way.”

Although it is nonconventional, Roquemore loves his lifestyle choices.

“It’s our life decision, and we wouldn’t change it for this world. We used to share the same room at one time, but now the adults are divided up into three rooms, and I get to take turns sleeping in three different beds.”

Roquemore allows his wives the option of taking on another romantic partner if they want to.

He said, “Don’t judge us for who we are because this is the only life we have. If you want to love more, that’s great for us. If that’s not how you want to live, we’re not going to judge you. Just allow us the opportunity to love the way we choose to love. I’d rather promote healthy, happy relationships rather than cheating and lying relationships because then it turns into a tragic situation.”

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