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Meet The Married Couple Who Have Been Wearing Matching Outfits For 67 Years

Ever since they got married when they were 19-years-old, this elderly couple has had one dream. For the last 67-years that they have been married, they have been living the dream they first had while they were teenagers. While many couples share dreams like traveling the world together or growing a large family, Francis and Rosemary Klontz always wanted to be the couple who wore matching outfits – and now they’ve done it for 67-years straight.

Because Francis and Rosemary have been synchronizing outfits for nearly seven decades, they have taken their marriage to a new level. The way they’ve been working the fashion angle has them well above any other couple that tries to match their shirts every holiday or for special occasions.

Rosemary admits that it first started when her mother got them matching shirts during their high school days.

“My mother bought us matching T-shirts when we were in high school. I picked them out, and so we’ve matched ever since,” the wife said.

Francis has loved the whole matching thing ever since. He added:

“And I thought she was the cutest little thing. By the time we were seniors, we started going together.”

Although the couple first met while in junior high school in Auburn, Washington, their love did not blossom until they were nearly ending their high school careers. However, they married when they were just nineteen and have enjoyed 67-years of material bliss ever since. And because Francis does not have an eye for fashion or style, he has let Rosemary pick his outfits every day for his entire life – and Rosemary loves when they’re matching.

“She just lays it out for me, and I don’t have to worry about a thing!” Francis said.

While they match their clothing, Francis and Rosemary do more things in sync. They also love harmonizing their vocals. It’s something that they get so much joy out of. That’s why they decided to take their act around town. They’re singing chaplains, so they sing at churches, hospitals, and around their house.

The pair are not only synced up with their clothing styles and their vocals, but they also share the same philosophy of life, which puts them behind every other person they know.

“Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last. That’s the way you spell joy. Jesus and others and you. What a wonderful way to spell joy!” Rosemary sings while Francis mouths the words along with her. She can’t even get off a few lyrics without Francis matching her style.

During a recent interview with NPR, the color-coordinate couple sang the following – in unison of course: “How I hope and how I pray we will always be together, long after graduation day.”

One of the main reasons that Francis and Rosemary have been happily married for 68 years come September 2019 is because he lives the phrase happy life and happy wife. Because he lets her pick the outfits for both people, he gives her some authority over his life, which many husbands do not allow.

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