Melania Unveils White House Christmas Decorations, Has Special Tribute For Military (video) : AWM

Melania Unveils White House Christmas Decorations, Has Special Tribute For Military (video)

Along with the rest of the world around Christmastime, The White House decorates every nook and cranny and the staff doesn’t hold back from making sure everything is picture perfect.

This year, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump decided to pay special tribute to the military.

Known as “Time Honored Traditions,” the decor was designed by Melania and centers around military appreciation. The first addition is a Gold Star tree for military servicemen and women who have died while serving. This is the first decoration seen when entering the East Wing of the White House.

According to a statement from Melania, the Christmas decor theme was designed to show respect for 200 years of holiday traditions at the White House. In addition to the decor that showed military support, there is a large gingerbread house, that is obviously “not meant for eating.

The new decorations can be seen in the video below.

In the entryway of the White House, there are several large Christmas trees drenched in simplicity with frost decor. Rows of white lit up snow frosted decorative branches line the hallways. One thousand feet of garland was placed around the rooms’ fireplaces, mantels and doorways and staff spent 1,600 hours decorating the historical house. There are about 70 of Trump’s signature Christmas wreaths and 53 Christmas trees were placed throughout the state floor of the house. Around 18,000 feet of Christmas lights and 12,000 ornaments were placed.

More than 25,000 visitors will pass through the White House over the next month and the house will be home to nearly 100 open houses and receptions.

“As with many families across the country, holiday traditions are very important to us,” said Melania. “I hope when people visit the White House this season, people will get a sense of being home for the holidays.”

Several commenters shared their praise for the beautiful decor…

“That stunningly beautiful gold star tree by our stunningly beautiful and heart of gold First Lady is a wonderful, touching tribute to our military men and women and a reminder to those of us who are being protected by their service. Thank you.”

“We love Donald Trump and our first lady Melania Trump and they love our country and they work hard for us while the sorry Democrats try to ambush every move he makes.”

“Thank you, Melania, it’s all beautiful, and you did an awesome job, you are a beautiful person, and thank you for honoring our military.”Beautiful job of decorating our beautiful White House. Just know we love the job Melanie is doing as our First Lady.”

 And then there were others who took the opportunity to criticize President Trump for past comments and behaviors toward Gold Star families…

“Tell her husband to show the same respect to ALL gold star families and vets. He has disdain for Muslim gold star families and POWs, and tell their spouses they knew what they signed up for after dodged the drafty not once but 4 times with fake bone spurs and thinks private hi priced military school is the same thing as real military service.”