Melania Was Attacked By Another Celebrity On Twitter, But This Time The Feminists Have Her Back : AWM

Melania Was Attacked By Another Celebrity On Twitter, But This Time The Feminists Have Her Back

Melania Trump is an easy target for bullying, but one celebrity who joked about the First Lady is getting plenty of heat for her joke about FLOTUS. Singer and actress Bette Midler fired off a quip about Melania on Twitter and, while some people laughed along, others attacked Bette for the comment. See the image and comment that started it all.

Bette posted a 2000 British GQ photo of Melania decked out in a very revealing outfit in a plane’s cockpit. Bette accompanied the image with this tweet: “The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane. #FLOTITS.”

Not everyone thought it was funny, however, with plenty of Twitter users slamming Bette for her rude joke. One person noted: “Why??? Absolutely not necessary! Talk cyber bullying. Such a shame Bette.”

Another person tweeted: “To think that I admired you for so many years for being so funny, irreverent and embracing humankind. You’ve turned into a wretched old woman — it’s really too bad.”

Others went so far as to say they would never listen to another Midler song or watch another one of her movies, as one ticked off Twitter user shared: “I always loved your movies and music but I am now deleting ALL your music from my MP3 player. You are disgusting to say the least. Never buying a CD or watching a movie from you ever again.”

Still others believed that women shouldn’t attack other women about their bodies, as one Twitter user noted: “I love you and loathe that whole family but no. Just no. Pick apart her dangerous actions, not her body/use thereof. Women deserve better than this.”

Another commenter agreed, sharing: “What a bitchy thing to say! You say you stand up for women but you trash talk Melania!!! She was doing her damn job! Are you just jealous that you don’t look as good? You should apologize publicly to her! Just because you look good doesn’t mean you sleep around.”

Others clearly had Melania’s back on this one, with one Twitter user commenting: “I’m with @FLOTUS Beautiful, classy and graceful. Unlike @BetteMidler”

Bette also fired off some criticism of the president as well, in response to a series of tweets from Donald Trump regarding the Mueller investigation, which he called, “a total mess,” adding, “They have found no collusion and have gone absolutely nuts.”

His rant noted: “They are screaming and shouting at people, horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want. They are a disgrace to our Nation and don’t care how many lives the ruin. These are Angry People, including the highly conflicted Bob Mueller, who worked for Obama for 8 years. They won’t even look at all of the bad acts and crimes on the other side. A TOTAL WITCH HUNT LIKE NO OTHER IN AMERICAN HISTORY!”

Bette responded: “’Highly conflicted’! Who wrote this for you? You don’t even know the meaning of the phrase. Robert Mueller has ‘served America honorably’ for 40 years, an expression that will never be used to in connection with you or anyone in your repulsive family.”