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Men Attack Father Holding His Toddler, Don’t Realize Their Mistake Until It’s Too Late

When an attempted robbery took place outside of a McDonald’s in Memphis, Tennessee, things quickly got heated. Shots were fired. Lives were threatened. But no money was stolen. Now four men are in jail awaiting their trial for their part in the armed robbery of the fast-food restaurant on the corner of Trezevant Street and Lamar Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

The victim was carrying his infant daughter when four men rushed out of nowhere and started attacking him, demanding he hand over all his money or die. Because the father had his young daughter with him, he needed to act quickly. He didn’t have time to wait or to think about what he was going to do next. He had to act. So he did the thing that came naturally to him. He pulled the gun he had on him and pointed it at the four robbers.

Because he had his baby girl to think about, the man did not hold back. He fired a shot and hit one of his assailants. However, he was not able to overpower the attackers. Despite getting a direct hit, they overwhelmed him, knocking him – and his adorable baby girl – to the ground. Then one of the men held him down while another choked him and the third yanked the gun from his hand.

The robbers were forced to flee. Their attempt had failed, and one of their own was injured. They took the man’s Glock 19 with them and kept it as a “souvenir” of their time outside of the Memphis McDonald’s.

The four men needed to get medical attention for their wounded companion. They were close as thieves because they were thieves. And they drove to the nearest fire station because that was the only thing they knew to do to help him.

However, the firefighters heard about what had happened. It was all over the radio chatter. So the four robbers were arrested. The one who suffered a gunshot wound is expected to make a full recovery. He was lucky.

The arrested men were Cortez Cole, Quinton Webb, Terrell Pullen, and Ladarius Pugues. They are in custody being held on robbery charges.

At this time, it is uncertain if they will post bail or just wait out their time in jail until their court date arrives.

Meanwhile, the man and his baby are doing all right. The little girl was not hurt in the altercation and pulled through just fine. The father, on the other hand, did get beat up. He only suffered a few bumps and bruises and a few scratches. His neck was also a bit sore from when the man choked him.

Because he had his gun, he managed to scare them away. And he kept his daughter safe. Although his name has not been released, you can rest assured that he is happy about the way things went. If his daughter had gotten hurt, things would have been much different.

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