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Michael J. Fox Explains Why He Just Got A Tattoo At 57 Years Old

At the age of 57, Michael J. Fox decided to do something he has never done before. The actor and activist have just gone under the needle and gotten his first tattoo. The star from Back to the Future got inked up with a unique sea turtle tattoo that has a design featuring it swimming through five rings, and as it turns out, the story behind the tattoo is long and heartwarming.

Because it was going to be his first tattoo, Michael J. Fox took his time figuring out exactly what it was going to be. Because he had his design in mind, he trusted the beloved and cult-favorite tattoo studio New York tattoo parlor Bang Bang Tattoo to get the job done for him.

Now Fox is happy to show off his new tattoo, which features the beautiful sea turtle swimming through five rings. It’s prominently displayed on the actor’s forearm.

When Fox shared the image of the sea turtle tattoo, he kept his comments about it brief, despite hinting at a novel-length story that he would have to tell.

“First tattoo, sea turtle, long story,” the actor and activist wrote.

Although Fox has yet to share the story, Bang Bang Tattoo artist Mr. K shared a few more details to Fox’s story-hungry audience.

Supposedly the sea turtle “represents life and himself. Can’t decide how I feel today (Michael J. Fox). It was an honor.”

Mr. K was a huge fan of Fox in Back to the Future. The actor was all too happy to give the tattoo artist some swag in exchange for doing such a spot-on job with the tattoo art.

The tattoo shop, which is owned by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy is a hot-spot among celebrities. PEOPLE claimed it had been visited often by people like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, and model Cara Delevingne.

The studio wrote an additional post about how they could now list Michael J. Fox as one of their celebrity clients.

“For (Michael J. Fox), thank you for the trust as well as letting us fan out a bit after! Thank you for sharing the story of your tattoo with me. Keep following that turtle!”

When Inked Magazine interviewed McCurdy about the tattoo, the artist spilled the beans.

“He got a sea turtle. He was telling me that there was a transformation for him with his career decisions when he was swimming in Saint John. He spotted this turtle with a chunk missing from its fin and a scar on his face. And that turtle let him swim with him for about a half an hour. He made a transcending decision right after that. So that turtle was pretty significant to him.”

Although Fox got diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991, he had no trouble staying still for the tattoo artist.

“I don’t think so. I think that he did really well. This is something that can affect him really heavily or not as much, but he had a great day today here.”

What do you think about Michael J’ Fox’s sea turtle tattoo?

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