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Military Mom Plays “Whisper Challenge” And Is Floored By What Surprise Is Waiting For Her

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon loves taking people by surprise. Ever since he was thrust into the big chair on The Tonight Show, he has been doing his best to spread love and cheer to all the guests that come on his show. Fallon built his career on making people smile and laugh, so he still seeks out new ways to do just that every time he is on the air.

On one episode, Fallon wanted to celebrate America’s veterans and their families. He figured the best way to do that would be to invite military members into the audience. So he packed the room with veterans and service members and their families. But little did the audience know – he had another surprise up his sleeve that was about to leave one person speechless.

In a bid to get more laughter and make more people smile, Fallon invited one person from the audience on stage with him. He wanted her to play “The Whisper Challenge.” When he announced who he wanted on stage, the woman did not realize he was talking about her. It was only later when the camera panned to her did the participant get identified. She was there, in front of the camera, with her hands over her face hiding her beauty because she was embarrassed.

The crowd gave her the push she needed, and after some time, she jumped out of the chair and joined Jimmy Fallon on stage. But things were about to get even more exciting for her.

But first Jimmy made an observation about the military mom. She really did not want to be on television.

“I’ve never seen anyone react like this in my lifetime,” he said about how she really did not want to be on stage next to him.

The military mom couldn’t believe what was happening. She didn’t think she was really on television and kept asking Jimmy if it was really happening.

When things calmed down, Jimmy learned her name was India, and her husband was deployed. It was time to play the game. They sat down, and Jimmy put headphones on India’s head.

The game is simple. She had to guess what Jimmy was saying. But with the headphones on, she could not hear a thing. She had to read his lips and try to guess what was happening.

The first thing that blurted from Fallon’s lips was, “I’m a little teapot.”

Obviously, this is not something that India would expect a hotshot like Jimmy Fallon to say. And when it was time for India to guess what he said, she said:

“I got nothing.”

The audience burst into hysterics.

She then guessed the next thing he said, which was Lady Gaga.

But the third thing made the audience gasp. Jimmy Fallon waited for a second as there was some rustling behind India. Then he turned to her and whispered, “Your husband is behind you.”

You’ll have to watch the rest to believe it. And it is good!