At the time of his death, Bill Dorris, 83, had amassed a fortune. Throughout his business career, Dorris crafted deal after deal but became most famous for installing a statue of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest on his private property. When he passed away last year in Nashville, few people took notice. But after his last will and testament were publicized last week, everyone learned that this crazed businessman left his $5,000,000 fortune to the love of his life – his beloved eight-year-old border collie, Lulu.

Dorris was unmarried at the time of his death. He earned a fortune selling bathtubs to disabled people. And when he fell sick last year, his dog was given over to the care of his 88-year-old female friend, Martha Burton. Now, it has been reported that he wants his cash to go to the dog in the form of a trust that could ensure Lulu has a good life and adequate care.

Burton was as stunned as everyone that Dorris decided to make his dog a millionaire instead of donating that money to charity or giving it to a family member or friend who could put it to good use. Instead, the dog will be assured of having enough Kibble and dog biscuits to get through the rest of her life.

“I don’t really know what to think about it to tell you the truth. He just really loved the dog,” Burton told local news outlet WRCB.

Now, Burton has been stuck with the task of spending the $5 million on Lulu. However, Burton, who is 88, does not know if she can spend the money fast enough since dog food and treats do not cost too much money. Nevertheless, she hopes to perform Dorris’s final wishes to the letter.

“I’d like to try,” Burton said. “She’s a good girl.”

Fortunately, Burton will be receiving a small stipend from the trust in exchange for taking care of the dog. In addition to this monthly stipend, Burton will also have to go through the ordeal of getting every purchase for the dog approved by a conservator overseeing the dog’s trust.

We do not know what will happen to the money in the event that Lulu dies before it is all spent.

Burton was Dorris’s go-to dog watcher before his death. Whenever Dorris had to leave town for work or other activities, Burton would watch Lulu and care for her. Dorris knew that Lulu would be in good hands so long as she was with Burton.

In the months before his death, Dorris became famous for celebrating the Confederacy and the Antebellum South. Because he owned a stretch of property along Interstate 65, he decided to erect a controversial statue honoring Confederate General Forrest. Forrest was an early Ku Klux Klan leader and longtime slave trader. He made a name for himself during the Fort Pillow Massacre, where he led the slaughter of 300 African-Americans.

The statue has been vandalized multiple times over the years. Once, it was covered in pink paint back in 2017. Dorris never cleaned his statue.

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