Mom Admits She Hasn’t Shaved Since Her Baby Was Born, Two Years Ago. Should Her Husband Leave Her? : AWM

Mom Admits She Hasn’t Shaved Since Her Baby Was Born, Two Years Ago. Should Her Husband Leave Her?

How far do you go to please your partner? One woman has stirred up quite the conversation after she openly admitted that she hasn’t shaved any of her body parts since she was pregnant with her daughter over two years ago. The reason for her lack of self-upkeep is simply that she no longer cares what people think, but some are saying that she should shave to please her husband.

The British mom shared a long post about how she no longer has any desire to shave. It all started when she was pregnant and she didn’t have the energy to keep up with shaving, then her baby bump got in the way and she stopped ridding her body of hair completely. In the post, she shares how personal things have become a lot less personal since giving birth to her daughter in front of five strangers, and she no longer cares what anyone thinks.

Her husband, on the other hand, wished she did care what people thought and he has brought up her lack of shaving on many occasions. She shared one particular rant when her husband said that she cares so little about what people think that she doesn’t even shave her legs anymore.

The comment from her husband stung the mom and she took her rant to Mumsnet, seeking the advice of fellow moms.
She asked them what they do and pointed out that the majority of her friends shave regularly, although her own mother never did. She admits that she feels comfortable with both shaved and hairy legs but the comments that she’s seen on social media regarding the growth of hair being unhygienic and dirty have made her feel very uncomfortable.

Fellow moms shared their opinions on her situation and several felt that maybe it was time to shave…

“Stop making excuses, otherwise it sounds like your dear husband might make his. This is the equivalent to checking out of yourself, whether you think it is or not.”

Another had a good point that she has no control over her husband’s opinion…

“You are free to choose whether to shave or not, however, you can’t force your husband to find it attractive. How much does it matter to you?”

Others supported her decision to not shave…

“Don’t see how hair can be dirty or unhygienic unless you use it to scrub the toilet. It’s your body. Do what you like with it. Please your husband if you feel like it from time to time, but for the love of God don’t make yourself put his requirements ahead of your own.

One commenter had a very honest comment from both sides of the argument…

“I see this two ways. When he fell in love with you, you looked different. That was his taste. Now you have changed. I think it’s totally fair that he asks the questions and maybe perhaps he doesn’t like it. Truthfully, if he started shaving his legs, or grew a beard or shaved his head or started wearing camouflage t-shirts every day, would you truly never mention it?”