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Mom Brought Her Child To The Playground. Then The Neighborhood Kids Attacked

When a violent brawl broke out in a family playground, a 10-year-old girl was forced to defend her mother. The 33-year-old mom suffered a brutal mob attack and was victimized as no one would believe. But when the police finally got to the site to deal with the problem, it was another 13-year-old girl – one of the violent abusers – who found herself in chains. As it turned out, mother Bonnie Halcrow was assaulted by a group of children ranging in the age of ten and fourteen, which occurred in Pleasant Hill Park, Canada.

The park is located in Saskatoon, Canada was filmed. Halcrow was on camera, getting beaten up by the group of children who launched an attack on her in the public location.

Here’s what happened. The group of children who were between the ages of 10 and 14 had been throwing stones at an elderly man who was pushing a fridge along the road on a dolly. Because the man had no way to defend himself, Halcrow told the children to stop being nasty people and quit throwing rocks at the guy. Instead of listening to her sage advice, the children turned their violent aggression on her and started assaulting her in broad daylight.

The alarming footage shows it all. In the clip, the mob of children go “Lord of the Flies” on her and drag her across the family playground like a pack of animals. They laugh in delight as the torture the young mother and abuse her and continue their assault on her body.

One of them even tries to take off her clothes while the others continue the onslaught. She’s completely victimized and in a terrible place. They have overpowered her by sheer force of numbers.

Things escalated after she told the gang of kids to stop throwing stones at the poor old man. She also threatened to call the police on the gang of Canadian hoodlums if they did not quit their harassment of the old man. Instead of listening to her, they turned their pent up rage onto her and tried to seize her phone from her hand. That’s when things got heated, and the attack began. She was pushed to the ground, and the children started “swarming” her.

In an interview with CBC, she said: “I couldn’t feel any of the punches or kicks because my adrenaline kicked in, and I couldn’t fight kids. It just isn’t me to fight kids, so I just did the best could.”

Meanwhile, Halcrow was horrified for her young daughter, who was forced to watch the gang of youths abuses her mother.

One of the girls in the incident, who is 13, has been charged with assault. She is also facing another assault charge involving another incident that happened not long before. Apparently, something is really going on in the life that is causing her to “act out” in public.

Now that the ringleader was captured and charged with assault, she can hopefully get the therapy she needs to move on with her life in a positive direction.

What do you make of this incident?

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