Mom Buys Talking Doll For Daughter’s Second Birthday, Films It Saying Very Vulgar Things : AWM

Mom Buys Talking Doll For Daughter’s Second Birthday, Films It Saying Very Vulgar Things

Kids love dolls that talk to them, but parents may object to this baby doll, who is supposed to say “mama” and “papa” but appears to swear instead. A mother who gifted the doll to her daughter Aria for her second birthday made the discovery when she opened the present. The My Little Baby Born Walks doll from Argos is supposed to walk and has a voice-activated feature that prompts it to say “mama” or “papa.”

Not quite. Mom Rachael Horton explained: “When we took the doll out of the box and started playing with it, I couldn’t believe what we heard. She’s supposed to say ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ but instead she seems to be saying ‘you b*tch.’”

Yeah, that’s quite a lot different than mama or papa.

Of course, there are consequences to having a doll with a potty mouth, as Rachael noted: “Now my two-year-old is copying her and trying to say ‘b*tch’ herself. I’m shocked, especially as it’s very clear what the doll is saying.”

When Rachael contacted Argos customer service about the defective doll, she was told she could return it and exchange the toy for something else. She believes, however, that the item should be removed from stores so that other parents don’t have the same experience.

Rachael explained: “I spoke to customer services via an online chat and, to be honest, they weren’t very helpful. They just said it’s best to come in and change it, which I don’t think is acceptable. I don’t want to just switch it for something else. My daughter is only two, I don’t want her hearing words like that.”

She added, “As a result, she’s been trying to say ‘b*tch’ herself. I’m very shocked that Argos would sell something like that.”

Rachael further noted that some of the reviews on the item indicate that others weren’t pleased with the doll’s vocabulary either, as she explained: “When I looked on the Argos reviews, a woman had posted on there that she thought the doll sweared [sic] too.”

The review from earlier this month on the Argos website reads: “Doll tries to walk but barely moves even on laminate flooring. She sounds like she is swearing or talking in a foreign language. Returned as daughter was very disappointed on her birthday.”

The Argos website describes the doll as: “My Little BABY Born will walk when voice activated or when she hears her rattle and says ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’! Includes rattle. Styles may vary.” No details about the doll’s other salty language.

At least one commenter on The Mirror’s coverage of the story thought perhaps the doll was misunderstood, noting: “What a load of cods wallop how many times do you hear a child try to say something that sounds like something else…If you’re not happy with a toy take it back get something new and move on…and you the Mirror I see more interesting stories covered by ordinary people on social network, where papers should have been reporting and no sign of them.”