Mom Called 911 Because Her Son Was Being Lazy. Officer’s Next Move Had The Neighbors Applauding : AWM

Mom Called 911 Because Her Son Was Being Lazy. Officer’s Next Move Had The Neighbors Applauding

Parents expect their children to grow up eventually. And nothing is more furious than an adult child living with his mom and dad and not contributing or showing respect for all the free stuff he or she is given. Parents demand respect from their teenage and adult children because they’re doing a lot to make sure they live a healthy and happy life.

So when fourteen-year-old Zachary Towns repeatedly disrespected his mother and ignored what she said, she decided enough was enough. Because Zachary’s mother, Crystal, knew how lazy her son could be, she decided that him sleeping in and missing school was unacceptable. That’s why when he happened one time too many, she picked up the phone and called for a bit of backup – from her local police department.

“I woke him up. He thought he was just going to not go and I said ‘nope you’re learning today, boy,'” said Crystal. “He blamed his sister for not waking him up, and I had it.”

Crystal does her best as a mother of two growing children. But her son can be just too much for her, especially because he seems to make it a point to disrespect her and test her at every step. This can be extremely exhausting for Crystal who works hard to provide for her children.

She had taught Zachary the important of waking up on time. But he ignored her.

“So I called the school resource officer to come to pick him up. He wasn’t bad, he just thought he was gonna not go to school again,” said Towns. “I called [the officer’s] cell phone, and he answered, and he came and got him, came to the door, knocked then told him ‘I’m here to take you to school, and you are riding in the back seat,’ and they left.”

Crystal is happy she followed through with her threat. Zachary respects her more now.

“I don’t have time in the morning to have him missing the bus and not waking up on time because his sister didn’t wake him up or his alarm clock didn’t go up, so I had it this morning,” she said. “I told him that if this kept occurring, I would have to call the school cop and so that’s what I did. I did what I needed to do I would do it all over again and feel good about it.”

Zachary now wants to face his problem with sleeping.

“I’m pretty lazy can’t lie I like to sleep in,” he confessed.

The police chief Ron Wiles was happy to get the call from Crystal because he loves teaching kids important lessons.

“It’s our belief that kids who regularly attend school will have a better chance of staying out of trouble and staying on a path for future success,” police chief Ron Wiles said. “Our School Resource Officers truly care about the safety, growth, and development of the students in our community and I’m glad we were able to help this family when they needed it.”

Do you think this was a good use of police resources?

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