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Mom Celebrates Kids Going Back To School By Taking A Disney Vacation Without Them

There’s a growing trend among millennials that has many baby boomers questioning their sanity. As the numbers from Disney come through, we see that more and more millennials are going to Disneyland and Disneyworld without kids. They’re turning the Happiest Place on Earth into an adult amusement park. While there is nothing inherently wrong about partying like a kid into the adult years, one mother took a trip to Disneyworld to celebrate having sent her children back to school by taking a solo trip to Disneyworld.

Because Lisa DiNoto loves Disneyworld – it’s one of the reasons she calls Florida home – she knew that the perfect gift to herself for getting through another hellish summer with her kid would be to treat herself to a special day. Since she only lives a mile or so from the Magic Kingdom, she can get to the park much easier than most, which makes her desire to visit by herself make a whole lot more sense.

In an interview with CafeMom, DiNoto, a mother of two, said that she usually takes her sons to Disneyworld with her. But this time she went by herself because both of her sons would be in school. It was a proud mom moment because she finally had some time to herself again after being forced to entertain them for the entire summer.

Because her sons were “so, so excited to go back and see their friends and teachers,” DiNoto realized that she needed a reward herself. Because DiNoto operates the blog The Castle Run, she documented her Disneyworld trip for all to see – and to envy.

She saw her sons’ first day back in school as a way to “take a mental health morning of my own.”

She told CafeMom, “So instead of running home and working and doing laundry, I forced myself to drive over to the Magic Kingdom (it’s less than 10 minutes from my house) and relax and soak in the magic on my own for a while.”

What was the experience going to Disneyworld alone for this busy mother of two? She was able to sum it up in three words.

“It was wonderful.”

Because she and her family are Disneyworld experts – given the proximity of their home to the theme park – she knew how to get the most out of her trip. Since it was the first day of school, the park was relatively empty. She also didn’t have two boys clinging to her and begging her for this and that so she was able to be “totally unencumbered by anyone else, and enjoyed people watching and magic.”

This Millennial mom knows that a trip to Disneyworld is all she needs to make herself feel whole again. She doesn’t care what the baby boomers say about her “guilty pleasure.”

Because she was so happy to get her kids out of the house, she made a Disneyworld pin that said, “I’m celebrating the 1st day of school!”

This mom does not sugar-coat the difficulties of being a parent. She even told the fairy godmother all about her mischievous trip to the park.

“She was laughing so hard she was crying, and we just started hugging and laughing together while I squeaked, ‘This is why I moved here!’”

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