Mom Coos At Baby Expecting Smile, At Only 10 Weeks Old Her Response Is Record Breaking : AWM

Mom Coos At Baby Expecting Smile, At Only 10 Weeks Old Her Response Is Record Breaking

Being a parent is one of the hardest, yet one of the most rewarding jobs you can do in life.  When you have a baby, every day is filled with new surprises and it starts out from the moment they take their first breath. The second that baby is presented in your arms, you are filled with new beginnings and you get to experience all of your own firsts once again. It gives most parents a major sense of purpose in life.

Within the first ten weeks of life, babies are doing all sorts of things for the first time. They will hear mom and dad’s voice for the first time and it doesn’t take long for them to recognize the sound of those voices. The muscles in your baby’s body are getting stronger by the second and they are working hard to keep their heads up, so they can look at your face and pay attention to the new world that they are immersed in. Building neck strength takes a long time, and for good reason.

Just try lying on your belly while holding your head up and see how hard it can be. Now, imagine a brand new baby who has not an ounce of muscle memory when it comes to holding their head up. It’s quite the challenge for them. Since babies can only see about 8-15 inches in front of their faces, they quickly become obsessed with the faces that they see the most. In most cases, this is mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents. Pair this with the hearing the voices of these same people, and I baby will have full recognition of his/her family members in no time.

Babies also focus on highly contrasted items during these first few weeks, as the difference in colors is easier for their young eyes to differentiate. Ten weeks is also around the time that a baby’s body starts to fill out more and they are well on their way to having those adorable rolls and chunky thighs.

They also realize that they have arms and legs and that these body parts can move, touch, and grab things. When they come to the conclusion that they can actually see the thing that they are touching, it is a major turning point in how they see the world. Soon they start to pass things back and forth between their hands and they start to utter indecipherable babble, also known as “baby babble.”

And then there are other baby’s who learn to talk at a much earlier age than the norm.

The baby in the below video can be heard mumbling “hello” to her mama. Mimicking her mom after she annunciates the word. While it could be simple baby babble, it sounds a lot like the word “hello.”

This is certainly a video that mom and dad, Joanne and Christopher Farmakis from Liverpool, will have forever. And if this little baby turns out to be a talker, they will know why she started speaking at such a young age.