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Mom Demands Answers After Seeing What The Nursery Did To Her Daughter’s Face

When an “incident” at a nursery left a three-year-old child with swollen lips, her mother rushed the baby to the hospital. Because the little girl, Jade Kataleya, was left with badly swollen lips following a mysterious incident, her mother rushed the child from the nursery in Ciudad Victoria to the hospital. But the mother, Guadalupe Mendoza, noticed that the child had an injured mouth and bruising developing on her cheek, which has led the concerned mother to believe that it was not really as much of a “mystery” as the nursey workers would lead her to believe.

When Mendoza demanded an answer, the nursery staff told her simply that Jade had collided with another child. They did not elaborate. They did not provide details. They simply told her that was it and that she had better leave and have a doctor look at the injury.

However, Mendoza is no fool. She does not believe that the explanation gave her the full truth in regards to her daughter’s wellbeing. That’s why she wants to know what “really happened,” and she’s not going to stop until the nursery workers come clean.

When Mendoza picked her daughter up, she brought her home and tried to soothe the swelling with home remedies. But the swelling and pain subsisted. That’s why she rushed the child to the hospital to have a doctor look at her. She spent three days under the doctor’s care.

Because a simple collision between two girls should not result in such suffering, Mendoza filed a complaint with authorities against the kindergarten. She is not going to stop until the investigation gets to the truth of what really happened to her darling, Jade.

Mendoza also shared photos of the abuse on social media, so people around the world could see what happened to her little girl while she was in the kindergarten. Since the mother started fighting back, the educational facility located in the state of Tamaulipas admitted that an incident occurred. They also said that an investigation was opened to get to the bottom of what happened. Any ninny could see that the violence that three-year-old Jade endured was not the result of a collision with another small child.

Spokeswoman Magdalena Moreno Ortiz said that the girl’s medical results indicated that she did not obtain any fractures or serious injuries. Nevertheless, the child went through hell that day at the Mexican nursery, and her mother wants to know what “really happened.” The truth has the power to put this incident to rest.

This mother picked up her little girl from school only to find her face beaten and her lips swollen. If the incident really was an accident, Mendoza will accept that. However, if her child was abused at the hands of one of the nursery school’s workers, she will want to get justice for her little girl. People who hurt little girls like Jade deserve the hard-fist of the law.

What do you think should be done to help this little girl who had an “incident” at her school?


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