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Mom Didn’t Realize They Were In Serious Trouble Until She Watched This Video The Next Day

A Florida boy was having a wonderful time out in the yard with his family and his new toy. He had just received an inflatable alligator and was playing all sorts of games with it. While his family watched and filmed the young boy, Timmy, who is six, they were overjoyed to know that he was getting time away from his computer games and having a chance to connect with nature.

However, as Timmy’s mother, Nicole Mojica filmed, something sinister was not far away. She captured the moment Timmy grabs onto his inflatable gator and rides down the slip-and-slide in his family’s backyard in Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida.

The Facebook post is all innocent. Timmy is “wrangling” with his inflatable gator and his mother films and says, “Summer fun, another day.” The boy then grips the toy and slides.

However, a real alligator is watching Timmy from a short distance. It hides behind a chair. And no one sees the predator. Although it is in Nicole’s yard, she does not notice how the real deal alligator is lurking there just waiting for Timmy to slip-and-slide in its direction so it can clamp its jaws down and caused a nightmare.

As the gator lurks, Nicole narrates in the video, “Wrangling gators. I was hoping to make one of those funny YouTube videos – like the gator did something to you and you popped up in the air.”

She had no idea her video would go viral because a real gator was just waiting there for something to go wrong. Now she wants other parents to know that the threat of alligators is very real in Florida. Especially near the water.

“I saw the brown chair move. Oh my God… Never would I expect [an alligator] so close to us,” Mojica told WFTV. “They say they are afraid. Well, he wasn’t. And he went down the slip n’ slide and into the pond.”

Alligator mating season is at its peak in May and June. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hopes that this video of Timmy will show other Florida resident that alligators are everywhere – even if you don’t see them.

During the end of Spring, Florida’s population of 1.3 million alligators are very active and must be dealt with “caution and respect.”

When you watch the video below, the gator might be hard to find. But if you look at the right-hand side of the video screen, you can see the predator standing behind the chair. It is in the grass and looking directly at Timmy.

After mating season, alligators enter nesting season which is also dangerous. A Gatorland expert, Donny Aldarelli told WFTV, “They start roaming around,” he said. “You find them in swimming pools. You find them underneath (cars). That’s the time of year they are on the move a lot.”

If you live in Florida, be extra careful in May and June to avoid getting in a tangle with an alligator.

Have you ever seen an alligator on your property? What do you think about these dangerous reptiles?