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Mom Disciplines Her Children By Spraying Them With A Water Bottle, But Strangers Tell Her To Stop

Would you punish your kids with a spray bottle? One mom had a unique disciplinary technique for her children which was not unlike the method that some people use to deter their cat from doing something bad. Turns out, her tactic of spraying her kids with a water bottle wasn’t such a hit with strangers who witnessed it in action.

The whole thing was actually a set up for a hidden camera show and it’s so interesting to see how people around her reacted. Was the woman’s method controversial?

In this episode of What Would You Do, a mom and her kids are seen grocery shopping, with host John Quinones and a camera crew getting it all on video. The actress in on the experiment is armed with a spray bottle filled with water and is told to spray her “children” in the face while shopping.

Understandably, some people were shocked by what they witnessed, but how many of them would actually step in and say something? When the kids are seen opening a box of cookies and begin eating them, the mom sprays them in their faces, saying, “I told you not to open them, didn’t I… you don’t listen to anything I say.”

“But mommy,” one of the kids cries, “you got some in my eyes.”

When an older woman helps the children reach a box, the mom steps in to give them a spray as the woman looks absolutely stunned. The mom explains, “I keep telling them and they don’t mind or listen… so I started using a bottle to discipline them.”

The woman says in response, “No, they’re good kids. I can tell.” When the mom explains, “It’s just water,” the woman asks, “Would you like that in your face? Try it. There are other ways to appeal to them. One of them is to say ‘Be nice to mom!’ That’s all.” She added, “Someday you’re gonna need your mom.”

She tells the mom, “I think it’s cruel. I don’t think it’s a good way to discipline,” pointing out, “even animals, you wouldn’t ever do something like that.”

When the camera crew and host reveal themselves to the woman, she explains, “Well, I did not like her idea,” adding, “I’ll spray your face with water and you tell me what you think. No, I think it’s cruel.”

The spray bottle definitely got the attention of nearby shoppers and another mom with a child in her cart stopped to say something very surprising to the actress playing the mom. The woman assured her that she thought using a spray bottle was a good tactic if it was effective. The actors playing kids explained that spraying them is the way you handle a misbehaving animal and the stranger noted that maybe it was the right way to treat children who act like animals.

When asked by the host if she felt sorry for the kids, she said, “No, not if they were misbehaving.”

Watch some of the other reactions that the mom got when spraying her kids in the video.