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Mom Films Tech Savvy Son Attempting To Use A Rotary Phone, Goes Viral

If you were born before 1999, then you have most likely been schooled by today’s teens when it comes to technology. Today’s kids were practically born with a SmartPhone in their grasp and they know how to swipe across the screen by the time they are three years old. But, have you ever seen a kid today try and use the communication devices from years past? Let’s just say that they aren’t quite as savvy as they are with today’s fast-moving technology.

One mom recently learned just how little today’s youth knows about old-school communication. It all started when she asked her teenage son to call her from a rotary phone.

Thankfully, she filmed the young man’s struggles with the phone, for our viewing pleasure.

It starts out with the boy using a finger to spin the dial on the rotary phone as if he is simply playing with a toy. And then he picks up the receiver and holds it up to his ear, only to realize that he didn’t actually dial a phone number at all.

The mom shows her support as the boy gets slightly frustrated.

“You were so close,” she says, urging him to try again.

He tries again, concentrating hard. And while he thinks he is getting somewhere, it’s easy for us to see that he’s not, as he doesn’t allow the dial to make a full spin before he stops. He admits to messing up, and then he picks up the receiver and puts it back down two more times.

By this point, the mom is laughing hysterically.

“Okay, so my kids have never used this kind of phone — I don’t even know if they’ve seen this kind of phone,” she says.

While there are most likely no written instructions lying around the house, maybe the boy would’ve had luck if he Googled, “How to make a call on a rotary phone.”

The rapid growth of technology is something that we have become accustomed too, but it’s always good to think back about the days of rotary phones, floppy disks, word processors and cassette tapes. The mom in this video is laughing at herself and her generation just as much as she’s laughing at her son’s struggle to use the phone. It just shows how far we’ve come as a society and it’s hard to think that we used such clunky machines to make a call back in the day.

Another major change over the years is the lack of pay phones. It’s very rare to see a payphone these days because nearly everyone has the convenience of having a cell phone. It certainly makes us realize just how fast emergencies are tended to nowadays. Back in the days before cell phones, the response to car accidents was much longer than today, considering people had to get back to a landline to call for help.

Now, imagine what life will be like twenty years from now? Surely, we will be laughing at our swipe phones and GPS systems because there will be something that is far more convenient.