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Mom Finds Her Baby Sleeping In This Position And Immediately Knows Something Is Strange

A mother’s love for her child knows no bounds. But not she has a better chance to look at the little one growing inside her than ever before. With the invention of 3D ultrasounds, moms can take a peek inside her body and get a glimpse of the unborn baby’s face and other features. And when South Carolina’s Sarah Kelleher Steppling took one look at the little one inside her via her ultrasound, she fell even more in love, which was something she had not thought possible. And after her baby boy, Michael came into the world. She welcomed him into her family with open arms. He may be only a few weeks old, but he has become an internet sensation for an extraordinary reason.

Why is Michael so popular? While he is an adorable baby, that’s not the reason. It is how he sleeps that has the internet fawning over him. Because his napping face looks exactly like it did in Sarah’s ultrasound images, people cannot get enough of him.

The boy has a signature way of dreaming and napping. He has his hands in a laid-back pose that you’ll fall in love with just like the rest of the internet has.

Since the boy’s birth, mom shared a before and after picture of her newborn son. She wanted to see if the internet saw what she saw – that Michael napped in the same way outside of the womb as he did while inside mom. People noticed the similarity straight away.

The baby boy’s sleeping pose has earned tens of thousands of upvotes, which are the equivalent of likes on Facebook.

Sarah shared the following caption for the photos:

“Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth. Progress from 3 weeks left inside to 3 weeks on the outside.”

What’s even more amazing is the fact that Sarah almost never got these 3D ultrasound pictures. She had already undergone the procedure and didn’t like what she saw because the 3D image was distorted and made her baby look “alien.” But her mother and grandmother urged her to go for another appointment. And now she is glad that they pushed her because she has the 3D image to compare to her newborn. The image was worth the “I told you so’s” that her mother and grandmother keep saying.

From that first ultrasound picture, she loved him and could not wait to meet her peaceful, tranquil baby.

“From day one, this kid knew how to relax,” she told Yahoo! “He always slept with his hands up like that. If you were to go through my phone right now, you’d find probably about a million and a half images of him sleeping in that exact same position. One day, I thought to go back and look at his ultrasound pictures. I saw that one and was like, ‘OMG! He sleeps just like that now!’”

Michael’s sleeping position looks just like it did in his mom’s womb. And because of that strange fact, he has become an internet sensation in a matter of weeks since birth.