A concerned mother needed to attend a family event, so she left her newborn son in the care of a really good friend. However, the mom was shocked and horrified to learn that the friend breastfed the baby without the mom’s permission because she wanted to soothe the infant. Now, mom Afiqah Hasanah from Malaysia “was so stressed I felt like crying” since the “close friend” breastfed the infant without getting permission from mom first.

“I was busy carrying things, and when I arrived, she asked me for Haider, so I just gave him [to her] because she was someone close to me,” the concerned mother said in a video that has since gone viral. “Suddenly, while I was carrying those things, I saw that she was, like, doing something at the back in an open hall. Turns out, she was breastfeeding Haider.”

The mother confronted her friend about breastfeeding the infant. The friend claimed that she was only doing it because “her excuse was that my baby was crying.”

Afiqah said, “Which mother can accept her baby being directly breastfed by someone else while the mother herself has breastmilk?”

The mother turned to the video platform to record her confession and seemed to be on the brink of tears as she revealed what had happened to her newborn son.

“I didn’t expect that she could do such a thing. I was so stressed I felt like crying. This has destroyed my trust in people. How long will I be haunted by this?”

Afiqah confronted the “close friend,” but that did not stop her from breastfeeding the infant boy. According to Afiqah’s mother, the woman was caught breastfeeding the infant a second time in a shocking revelation.

Mom said, “Now, I’m having a tough time shaking it off my mind.”

The video went viral with nearly three million views and more than a quarter million likes. Most people were sympathetic to the mom because she never gave the friend permission to breastfeed the infant.

“How can someone even do that without thinking!? It’s so frustrating to hear this,” one person wrote in the comments.

“New fear unlocked,” one mom wrote.

Another person contributed, “Got to be careful with people like that. Get ready to keep the child away whenever she’s around.”

One woman explained that the same thing happened to her, but it was her sister who did the breastfeeding without permission.

Regardless, Afiqah’s video serves as an important reminder to parents that it is best practice to ask permission when handling a newborn. The video also sparked the hashtag “respect motherhood” in support of Afiqah and all mothers.

The experience has left the mom feeling shaken up. Since the incident, Afiqah has been left wondering how long she will be haunted by the traumatic experience.

“I know that breastfeeding is good as it is highly nutritious, but I’m afraid to trust people now,” she said.