Mom Freaks Out When She Realizes The Baby She Put Up For Adoption Is In Her Daughter’s Dance Class : AWM

Mom Freaks Out When She Realizes The Baby She Put Up For Adoption Is In Her Daughter’s Dance Class

When Gina Crotts was nineteen-years-old, her life changed forever. She became pregnant with a baby that she could not care for. Because she was single and living far away from her family, she would not have anyone to help her raise the little girl. That’s why she made the toughest decision of her life and decided to put the little baby, who was named Katlyn, up for adoption.

The decision was extremely difficult for the teen mother. She wrote on her website: “The next few weeks were unraveled thoughts and emotions for everyone involved, my friends and family were both supportive and devastated. It wasn’t but a few weeks into my pregnancy that I realized they would be the only ones by my side during this trying time. The biggest decision of my life was now entirely up to me.”

However, she knew that it was in the best interest of the little girl because she would never be able to provide the life for the child that she knew the Katlyn deserved. Fortunately, things worked out well. Katlyn was adopted into a loving family who updated Gina with photos and notes about Katlyn’s life.

Gina continued on with her life. She got married and had three children with her adoring husband. Gina never pretended that Katlyn didn’t exist. Instead, he was clear with her children that her first daughter had been given up for adoption. She also showed her family pictures of Katlyn with her adoptive family. She even celebrated Katlyn’s birthday every year with a cake and candles. She was part of her heart always and forever, even though she was raised by a different family.

Gina and her family kept Katlyn in their thoughts. It was the way she wanted it to be.

If Gina ever had the chance to see Katlyn again, she knew that she’d seize the opportunity. But she never knew that Katlyn felt the same way about meeting her. Because it had been seventeen years since Gina had last seen Katlyn in person and held her as a newborn baby in her arms, the dream of their reunion seemed to grow more distant and unlikely. Would it ever happen? Gina started to feat that maybe that ship had sailed.

One day, Gina took her eldest daughter, Evie, 13, to a ballet dance class in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Evie loved to dance, and Gina loved watching her express her joy through movement.

One high school senior, who had blonde hair, was at the class as well. She walked up to the window to watch the dancers on the other side of it. And little did Gina know, but the chance encounter was going to change her life forever. That blond girl at the window was none other than Katlyn come to surprise her biological mom with a visit.

The chance that Gina would meet Katlyn again was already so small. But that day at the ballet studio proved that fate was with her on her journey all along.

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