Mom Gave A Compliment To A Stranger’s Dog, And It Might Have Been The Worst Idea Ever : AWM

Mom Gave A Compliment To A Stranger’s Dog, And It Might Have Been The Worst Idea Ever

Rachel Youngs has a little beautiful baby girl. The child is only nine-weeks-old and is a ray of sunshine. On a regular Friday morning, Youngs packed her daughter’s diaper bag, put her in the infant car seat, and prepared everything for a trip to Target. While she was shopping in the baby section, a woman with a dog approached, and Youngs told the stranger that the dog was adorable.

Because Youngs told the woman her dog was cute and the woman thought Youngs’s baby was cute, the stranger came up with a proposition. She offered a trade, one for one, “I’ll trade you my dog for your baby.”

Rachel Youngs laughed. It sounded like a harmless joke, the kind that people tell each other as they’re trying to establish a friendship. But within seconds, the stranger continued by telling Rachel all about how she was an expert baby sitter and also owned and operated a lucrative dog-grooming business.

The woman’s story impressed Rachel, who had simply gone to Target to shop for baby items for her newborn child. Because the woman was very friendly and Rachel had a good feeling about her, the request that came next did not surprise the new mom much. Lots of people had asked her the same thing.

“Can I hold your baby?”

Rachel smiled, proud that so many people thought her newborn daughter was the cutest thing on Earth. Then she handed the woman the child. What happened next made her immediately regret that decision.

While the stranger cradled Rachel’s newborn daughter, she started to hum. She rocked the baby back and forth as though she were as intimate with the child as its grandmother. Then she said something that terrified Rachel, as it would terrify any mother.

“Do you have a godmother?” the stranger asked. “I’d love to be her godmother; I’ll split everything 50/50.”

Rachel laughed nervously. She thought then that the woman might not have been joking about trading the baby for the dog after all. But that couldn’t be, right? Could it? It was 2019 after all, and people weren’t like that anymore. Were they?

Then the woman said something that made Rachel want to grab her baby and run.

“Just so you know, I was arrested for attempted kidnapping.”

That’s when all the alarm bells started going off in Rachel’s head. But it was too late. The woman started running off with the newborn in her arms.

Rachel ran after her. She grabbed the woman by the shoulder.

“I need my baby back, please. Give me my baby back.”

Rachel said the woman hesitated. It seemed like she might even had sniffed the newborn baby’s head. But then she relented, frowning, and gave the baby back to the terrified mother.

Rachel reported the incident to the Target employees and asked them to call the police. The employees did exactly what the terrified mother asked them to do. But the police were unwilling to do anything to stop the woman from doing that again.

The police said, “You gave her permission to hold your baby.”

Now she’s challenging the police for not doing anything.

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