Mom Gets Outraged When She Realizes Who Is Taking Photos Of Her While She’s Breastfeeding : AWM

Mom Gets Outraged When She Realizes Who Is Taking Photos Of Her While She’s Breastfeeding

Celebrities tend to face their fair share of criticism since they’re in the public eye. Some may choose not to talk to the trolls online, but model Chrissy Teigen never shies away from the opportunity to slam her critics and, in the process, earns even more fans because she never pulls any punches and lets her feelings be known.

Chrissy is a mom who is also very comfortable with her body, so posting revealing images of herself on Instagram is no big deal to the model. Of course, there are plenty of people who are happy to pile on and criticize her endlessly.

Recently, Chrissy shared that photographers have been trying to get photos of her pumping breast milk in her car. She shared the details on Twitter, in a post that she later deleted, writing: “You can go f**k yourself if you sell them,” adding, “If I wanted to show you my salami nipples I’d show you my salami nipples on my own doing!”

While fans applauded her for calling out the photographer, another person responded: “It wasn’t in her garage. It’s still out in plain view of the public so it makes no sense to even be upset about it.”

Chrissy fired back this response: “Yes jerry. Die on this hill. This is what you should stand up for. A man’s right to shoot his camera into my (tinted) car. This is a great cause.”

One fan asked if Chrissy would share a photo of herself pumping, to which the model responded: “Oh I am definitely happy to! It’s most of my day. Just so creepy to be sitting in a car, dark out and see flashes and a dude.”

Chrissy happily shared another cute pic on July 7 on her Instagram account of herself breastfeeding her son Miles while pretending to nurse daughter Luna’s toy. She captioned the funny snap: “Luna making me feed her babydoll. So I guess I have twins now.”

Among the many comments she received were those who applauded Chrissy for the sweet pic, writing: “Amazing! Thank you for normalizing feeding a baby!” and “Just precious! She will grow up to be a great mommy too!”

Of course, there were critics too, with one person firing back this in response: “yeah, I’m not even going to waste my time. Breastfeeding is not disgusting, people’s attitudes are. It is legal to breastfeed in public anywhere, anytime in all but ONE state in the USA. It’s natural and beautiful. Have fun with your negativity toward the human body.”

Another commenter added: “breastfeeding is normal. She’s not flaunting anything or making anyone feel bad, she is feeding her child and that is normal. Chrissy has a very high social platform and she is using it very wisely and is letting women know that things like this should not be something to feel shame about… how about instead of spreading this hate we just enjoy this truly sweet moment that Chrissy shared with us between her and her daughter.”