A very organized mom thinks she knows the secret to cut down time in the kitchen. She has revealed her method of madness on social media, where she has since been criticized for being too organized for her own good. In a heated debate on social media, the mother in question, Elise, confirmed that she is able to prep five weeks’ worth of school lunches in just five minutes by creating a giant batch of twenty-seven sandwiches that her child can take to school, which has helped free up a lot of extra time for the mom during her weekday mornings when she has to get her child ready for school.

The mom makes sure to put the extra sandwiches in the freezer so they don’t spoil. Then, when it is time for her to use one for the next day’s lunch, she takes it out and lets it defrost in the fridge overnight. When the morning comes, she simply pops the ready-made school lunch into the lunchbox and sets her child out for school that day.

Although Elise swears by her time-saving method, other parents were worried that she might be sending her child to school with a mediocre lunch that might have “a funny taste” because it was stored in the freezer for such a long period of time.

When Elise shared her lunch tip on a Facebook group, she quickly turned to defend her actions as other parents got very critical of the mom for making five weeks’ worth of lunches at the same time and then just storing them in the freezer for a later time.

“Just to be clear, I don’t expect my child to eat soggy sandwiches. They defrost well overnight. I also don’t expect my child to eat frozen sandwiches. They are defrosted the night before.”

Elise claimed in the comments that she prevents her sandwiches from getting soggy by using foods with low water content. That means she avoids the use of lettuce and cucumbers while making sandwiches for school lunches for the next five weeks.

“We add all those things on the morning of eating. Let the sandwich defrost overnight on the bench, and then add the salad that morning,” the mom wrote.

Fortunately, Elise’s child is not very picky. She has made sandwiches with all sorts of different fillings, from corned beef to cold roast lamb to poached chicken and cheese and everything in between.

Hundreds of concerned parents shared their reactions in the comments.

“‘I didn’t realize ham was safe to freeze and eat defrosted,” one commented.

“I’ve never frozen a sandwich; I just don’t think they will taste the same defrosted. Is the bread soggy or still taste fresh?” another wrote.

Other parents admitted that time-saving tips like this can be a godsend.

“My dad was a single father raising three children and worked full time – he always did this on a Sunday night for school lunches. We never complained, always tasted just fine,” one woman wrote.

What do you think about this mom’s trick for saving time on school lunch?