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Mom Gives Birth, But Keeps Secret Until They Walk In The Room; Blindsides Them

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. And the great thing about them is that they’re often a surprise that we never saw coming. Babies are the best blessing in life, but learning that one is pregnant can cause all sorts of feelings – not only gratitude, love, and abundance. Discovering that a baby is on the way can be stressful, worrying and anxiety provoking.

It is a lot of work to raise a child. It costs a lot of money. But when it is happening, these worldly concerns don’t add up to the spiritual value and fulfillment a child brings a parent.

While having one child is tough enough, the emotions are doubled for twins. And tripled for triplets.

So long as mom has access to medical treatment and proper nutrition, the pregnancy period can be exciting. Yes, it is difficult to be pregnant. The woman’s body goes through so many changes. But there are a lot of exciting parts about it too. For example, getting to see an ultrasound of the baby is delightful for both mom and dad. And now that the medical profession has 3D ultrasounds, you can get a look at your little one’s face even before they’ve made their journey into the world.

Another exciting part of the pregnancy is the gender reveal. During this event, parents learn what sex their baby is. This helps parents buy the right clothes and toys for the little ones. And although some parents prefer to have gender-neutral clothing and items, learning if your little one is a boy or a girl is super exciting.

But Theresa Slater was not telling her family everything during her pregnancy. And she was ready to SLAM her family with a surprise when they stepped into the hospital to see her after giving birth. And she was right. They were not prepared for what they were to see in that crib.

The family knew nothing about what to expect. They didn’t know if Theresa was having a boy or a girl. So as you can imagine, they were beyond eager to see her after mom gave birth.

Theresa did everything she could to keep the secret hidden. But after going through labor, it was time for family and friends to come to the hospital and meet the new little person who had just entered the world.

But there was a catch. And it left Theresa’s family shocked.

Inside the crib were two babies. Theresa had managed to keep the truth about her twins secret from her loved ones for nine months. Talk about a person with an ironclad will.

Theresa knew that she was having twins all along. She just didn’t want her family to know. She had secretly decorated her home with two of everything because she wanted to be prepared for the two little ones about to come into her home. She just had to make sure to keep family members out of rooms so they wouldn’t walk in and see her big surprise before the big day.

Thankfully, Theresa planned it perfectly. Her family was shocked to see two babies in the crib. They couldn’t believe that she had had twins. What a blessing.