Mom Goes To Check On Toddler In Bathroom, Walks In On Hilarious Scene That’s Now Going Viral : AWM

Mom Goes To Check On Toddler In Bathroom, Walks In On Hilarious Scene That’s Now Going Viral

Kids say the darndest things, right? When a mom checked in on her little guy while he was using the bathroom, he told her to get out… but really, he only had her best interests in mind. Was he looking for a little privacy and mom wasn’t giving it? Nope, he told her that she needed to get out because, well, things were getting stinky in there. Alexander Donahoe’s mom, Anna, captured the funny moment on video so she could send it to her husband and share a laugh over the little boy’s reaction to her popping in to check on him.

According to the Daily Mail, Anna explained: “Alexander did not know I was coming in. He had recently told me he was not ready for a wipe and I thought he was so cute that I had to record him to show my husband since he misses out on these things while at work.”

She continued: “Alexander was not embarrassed. I could see his wheels turning. He is a riot.”

Watch the video as mom enters and captures the whole thing on camera. He begins to dismiss her immediately, telling her “not yet,” as he continues to wave his mother away, at one point even trying to get the dog to leave as well.

When mom asks “why not?,” Alexander gets brutally honest. He tells her “because it’s stinky,” all the while waving for her to leave the room. When she asks again if he’s ready to clean up, he says “no,” adding, “it’s very stinky.” He even takes things one step further, asking her to lock the door. Honestly, mom, he warned you, so let the kid do his thing. Hopefully, she took note of his repeated warnings, got out and got a breath of fresh air.

Anna noted of the bathroom video:

“I was holding my three-month-old when going in and I think he genuinely cared about us being in there while it was stinky. This didn’t happen regularly but now that he has seen his video, he re-enacts it every time I go in to help him. It is quite funny.”

She continued talking about how he loves the video, explaining:

“He also loves watching the videos of himself, and he watched this one half a dozen times and started imitating himself. His outgoing personality attracts a lot of attention. At the grocery store this week he asked everyone who passed us what his/her name was.”

Not everyone who left comments on the story was impressed with the video, however, with one person writing:

“Give the boy his privacy. Not everything has to end up on social media ffs.”

Another person echoed the idea, believing that perhaps this kind of embarrassment is unnecessary, saying:

“Hey mum, how about I come into the bathroom when you take a poopie with my mobile and record you. He’s not too young to be embarrassed the poor kid. Save this for your husband to watch like it says in the story!”