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Mom Has Dinner With Future Son-in-Law. Days Later, Uncovers Photo That Changes Everything

Tying the knot is a big deal. Parents want to know that their children are marrying a person who will honor them for the rest of their lives. They want them to be in love and to be respectful and kind people who will take care of their daughter or son. That’s why one mother went out to dinner with her future son-in-law – to check him out – and everything was fine, until days later when the truth came out for once and for all.

Heidi Parker told her mother that she felt destined to be with Ed Savitt. That sent up a red flag for her mother who wanted to make sure she was loved and cared for. Although Heidi and Ed had been dating for four years, they finally decided it was time for their families to meet. They planned a lavish dinner party in Wandsworth in southwest London. Heidi’s mother Kay was one of the first people they invited because of her opinion matter to both Heidi and Ed. Ed’s mom, Fiona, would also attend. It was going to be a luxurious family affair, and both Heidi and Ed were excited.

For years, Heidi and Ed had been an item. They met in 2011 while both enrolled at Newcastle University. Heidi studied economics while Ed studied psychology.

When the couple invited their families together for dinner, Kay recognized Ed immediately. She had seen him before, but she just couldn’t place where. Only later, while searching through old photos in her family’s attic, did Kay finally place Ed.

She had snapped a photo of Heidi and Ed while they were on a family vacation in Turkey back in July 1997. That’s right. The two children, who were six at the time, had been holiday sweethearts.

“When my mum found the first photo of us, she sent it to me, and I was stunned. I actually had to lie down!” Heidi told The Independent. “Ed’s family then dug out their photo album from the same holiday and found about five other photos of us together and with our siblings too. It was unbelievable!”

When Kay found the photo, it shed new light on Heidi and Ed’s relationship. They had been inseparable during the family vacation in Turkey, where they met randomly. Now they were engaged to be wed. It was a coincidence out of a romantic comedy.

Kay was shocked that her daughter had found the very boy she had loved in Turkey from the late 1990s. To think that they were reunited again after all these years was too much to comprehend. It was utterly amazing.

“We had been together for four years when we found out so it’s mad to think we might never have known,” Heidi said. “People keep telling us that it must be fate and that it’s like the plot of a movie!”

If Heidi and Ed turned their love story into a movie, it would probably be a success. At least that’s what their friends keep telling them. What do you think?

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