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Mom Has Sticker To Show Off Her Military Son. Comes Out To Find This Note On The Windshield

When sons and daughters do something that makes their parents proud, moms and dads like to applaud their success. That’s why one mom was proud to share a sticker on her vehicle to declare that her sons were in the United States Army. She decided to put the sticker on her windshield so other people could now that her boys are risking their lives in the name of America.

The mom’s name is Jodi St. Clair, and she lives in North Carolina. Her sons are 22-year-old Jacob and 20-year-old Daniel who make their mom proud every day, especially now that they’re part of the United States Army.

The sticker that is posted on the mom’s windshield said:

“My sons defend our freedom. Proud parent of a soldier.”

However, while Jodi St. Clair was getting her hair done at the salon, she saw something on her car. She didn’t know what it was. But she was worried. It looked like a note of some kind.

When her hair was done, she ran outside and saw that it was what she thought it was. She got closer and saw that it was a business flyer. However, there was also a $20 bill folded in the flier sheet as well. But it wasn’t a flyer after all. It was a handwritten note that needed her to share it with the world.

The note said:

“Dear ‘Proud Parent’: Please either sent this $20 to your Army Soldier for a meal. If he/she is in the Middle East, either use it to buy a care or comfort kit or save it for his/her return. I pray for our military around the world every night, especially those serving in dangerous areas or in one of our wars.”

The generous person signed the note: “Godspeed, Shelley.”

Jodi wanted to thank Shelley for the note and for the donation to her Army sons. She wanted to find her and thank her for both her kind words and the donation to her sons.

When the note was shared online, Fox News picked up the message and shared it with their viewers. Everyone started to search for Shelley to help support Jodi so she could say thanks to the woman who supported her sons as they risked their lives for their freedom.

People started to comment on the story and share their thoughts about it online. This brought up some interesting points. One person wondered whether maybe Jodi should just accept the $20 donation because maybe Shelley did not want the glory. Maybe she just wanted to give something to a young man/woman in need and commit a random act of kindness.

That’s when Jodi’s husband spoke up, he said that Fox News failed to show the whole note, which included Shelley’s whole name and was written on USO letterhead.

“The reason I know that is Jodi is my wife and the two boys, Jacob and Daniel, are my sons. We were able to find Ms. Woods and took her out to lunch last Friday.”

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