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Mom Hears Doctors And Nurses Screaming During Delivery, Then She Finds Out Why

Chrissy and Larry Corbitt were excited that a new family addition was on the way, with a baby coming soon to join their four older children. Chrissy noticed during her pregnancy, however, that her stomach was expanding more than it had with other pregnancies. She began to wonder if she was pregnant with twins or if something was wrong.

An ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy was healthy and that she was only having one baby. One very big baby, it turns out.

With the size of her stomach, doctors believed that she would have a large baby — and it was no joke. The baby was born via C-section, weighing in at 13 pounds, five ounces! The Corbitt’s newborn wasn’t so tiny in size, as Chrissy explained to Inside Edition: “When they held her around the curtain for me I just couldn’t believe how big she was. I felt like I was looking at a toddler, I was like oh my God, she’s gonna walk to the nursery.”

Baby Carleigh was one of the biggest babies the medical staff had seen and nurses had to go up several sizes in diapers because the typical newborn diapers didn’t fit. All of the clothes Chrissy and Larry had waiting for Carleigh also had to be packed up and they instead had to buy nine-month-old size clothing to fit her.

The doctor who delivered Carleigh, Dr. Eric Edelenbos, told Fox 13 News: “When the baby was coming out, I was like, ‘Is this baby ever going to end?’ Everyone in the room kind of stopped during the delivery. It was like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.’” The doctor noted that if the baby had not arrived earlier than her due date she would have been even bigger.

Chrissy’s first two babies weighed 9 and 10 pound babies, but Carleigh certainly tipped the scales. The couple aren’t planning to add any more to their family, with both agreeing that Carleigh will be their last and Chrissy adding, “I’m done, I’m done. No more babies for me.”

Larry confirmed that they were done, telling Inside Edition: “We went out with a bang. This is our last kid. My wife had her tubes tied, so this is going to be it for us.”

Those who weighed in with comments on the Inside Edition video shared their congratulations, with one person writing: “She still looks like a newborn, just a big newborn! Her daddy is a big guy, I can see where she gets it from! Beautiful baby.”

Another commenter noted how she was also a very big baby, writing: “Aww beautiful. I was 13 pounds too when I was born! My mom, the doctors and all the nurses were shocked because I was really big. I lost all the fat by the time I was 5. I’m 19 now and I’m still slim. But I have always been tall. I’m 5’8 by the way. Just thought of sharing my story.”

One commenter shared this personal experience: “My oldest brother was big too, we don’t know his size because the scale only went to 12 pounds. But the midwives joked about packing his lunch for school when they left the hospital.”

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