Mom Hears Whisper On Baby Monitor. Turns Up The Volume And Chills Shoot Down Her Spine : AWM

Mom Hears Whisper On Baby Monitor. Turns Up The Volume And Chills Shoot Down Her Spine

There’s something about being a parent that people without kids will never understand. To be responsible for another life, to build and share a life together as a family, it’s an exhilarating and amazing experience. There are challenges to face and mountains to climb, but at the end of the day you want to ensure that your child is happy, healthy and treats others with kindness and respect.

Kathryn and Caleb Whitt have a 2-year-old daughter named Sutton, and she loves to nap… sometimes. Other times, she decides she doesn’t want to nap and starts getting curious. They installed a baby monitor to keep track of her in the crib while she was “napping,” and listened to it often.

They didn’t expect to hear anything too interesting, until one day they heard a voice begin talking on the monitor. It was unlike her daughter to speak a lot, let alone while she was by herself in the crib. But there was no denying it – their daughter was talking in the crib.

Once they figured out exactly what she was saying, Caleb and Kathryn could not have been prouder parents. Little Sutton was simply praying her heart out and sending her love out to all corners of the globe. She prayed for every single person she knew, including a few wild cards like Santa Claus!

“We had no idea that she was even comprehending prayer and what we were doing tonight,” Kathryn told Inside Edition. “And then to be able to do it herself, at two, in the crib – by herself.”

In the video, you can see Sutton listing off the names of everyone she cares about, including family friends, extended family, you name it. Kathryn decided to post the video online to share with all of the people that her daughter was praying for, when suddenly something amazing happened.

The video went viral almost instantly, with everyone falling in love with this prayerful little girl. She clearly feels called and connected to God and wants to share that love with all the world!

While at first Kathryn and Caleb were startled by hearing the voice over the monitor, soon they realized it was their amazing little girl.

“This little girl will go to heaven and she will have a fantastic life. More proof God is real, the baby wouldn’t just do it for no reason. Its only a baby and she already knows God is alive and well. Bless you child. Have a wonderful life. :),” commented SimplySim on the popular Youtube video.

Sutton is now a viral sensation and this Inside Edition video alone has almost a million views. While it first came out a few years ago, Sutton’s love and passion for God still resounds to this very day.

Little children are not often found spontaneously praying, so maybe this is a sign that a brighter future is to come in the form of happy, smart, loyal and loving children. The future is in their hands and soon we’ll need to hand over the controls.

Do you think today’s youth will be ready to solve all the problems facing our world today?