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Mom Is Ashamed Of Her Newborn Baby So She Throws Him Out The Window

When a mother is overwrought with the shame of having sexual relations with a man and getting pregnant out of wedlock, she takes the rage against herself out on the newborn baby boy who had no choice in getting born into the world. Because the mom was furious and hateful, she decided – in her heated state of emotion – to toss the baby out of the third-floor window from the balcony before neighbors had the chance to rescue him.

The young mother, 22, first cut the newborn baby free from his umbilical cord. Then she tossed him out of her third-floor apartment to the ground below. The mother wanted to kill the boy because she could not handle the shame of having birthed a baby out of wedlock. However, the baby boy miraculously survived being thrown from the third-floor apartment and was rushed to the hospital where he was given the free and clear of any injuries.

The incident occurred in southern China. And police have since detained the crazed mother who was overcome with emotion having just given birth to the newborn baby out of wedlock. Since the boy’s father did not propose to marry the young mother as she had hoped, she was furious and angry and wanted to act – but did something that she will regret for the rest of her life. She tossed the baby out the window to the trash-laden ground below in her fit of rage.

Neighbors heard the infant crying from on the ground. Because the neighbors refused to let the baby receive further abuse, they cradled the infant in their arms and rushed it to the hospital. There, doctors assessed the baby for injuries or damage and found that it had miraculous sustained no injuries despite being thrown out of the third-floor window.

The incident occurred in an apartment building in Changsha, Hunan province. They had heard cries coming from the young mother’s apartment as she must have been giving birth to the boy in the apartment. However, the neighbors did not know what was going on and suspected that the woman had simply brought a cat home to live with her.

“I arrived at work at about 8:30 am and one of my colleagues, who is a mother, recognized the sound as a baby’s cry,” a witness told the news provider Pear. “We looked out of the flat and was so shocked to see a baby lying on the balcony. I was in tears.”

At that moment, the witness immediately did the right thing and called the police. While they waited for the rescue team to arrive, a man grabbed a ladder and climbed up to get to the abandoned baby. They carried the infant down and got him the care he so desperately needed.

When doctors found the baby in stable condition, the female witness was relieved.

“The doctors said to me, ‘You don’t have gloves on, and your hands are covered in blood. Haven’t you thought of the risks of HIV transmission?’ I said to him, ‘I was just thinking about rescuing the baby. I wasn’t thinking about HIV or anything like that!’”

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