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Mom Is Confused Why Dad Dressed The Baby In Two Onesies. Then She Took The Blue One Off

A new mom got the surprise of her life at her baby shower when she took off one of their baby boy’s onesies. Following the birth of their little one, named Zyaire, the couple had a shower with friends and families a few weeks later. Turns out there was more to celebrate than just their new addition — new dad Mark found a creative way to propose to Naae!

Naee was told there was a special surprise gift that her newborn was hiding, so with Zyaire all wrapped up in a blanket, she began to peel away the layers, looking confused as she went. She discovered the baby was dressed in a blue onesie and was told to unsnap it — only to find another onesie underneath.

This one, however, had a message, as Naae was told to “Just look for it!” The onesie read: “Mommy will you marry my daddy?” Nothing like getting your new little one in with the proposal! The surprise was well received, to say the least, and Naae was definitely not expecting it. Bonus: Zyaire played a very special role in his dad’s cool proposal and now the family has a pretty special story to share about this big day.

Many people weighed in with comments on social media about the story, with plenty of commenters who were so excited to see this unique proposal idea, as one person noted: “Happy for you and many blessings to you and your family.”

Another commenter was slightly nervous, however, writing: “Props for stepping up and being a man, not just for the marriage but for sticking around after the conception. But really made me nervous watching the baby being handled like that. I’m sure you’re good parents. just didn’t want the kid to fall is all.”

One person agreed, writing: “Super cute but I had to cut it off before the end. Was anyone else scared to death the baby was gonna fall off her lap? I was a nervous wreck.”

Another commenter, however, assured the others, remarking: “Seriously people get over yourselves! The baby was not harmed in any way and this was certainly a novel way for the father wanting to state his love for the mother and for bringing a family together.”

In response to some of the negativity the story received in the comments section, one person wrote: “Wow, really saddened by the negative comments on here! Love — it’s a beautiful thing no matter what the situation. The world would be a much better place if there were more beautiful moments like this — the bringing together and start of a new family — and less negative, rude, self-righteous comments like those made on this post.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Yup! I say just be happy for them and let it go. But of course, someone ALWAYS has to spoil a happy moment.”

One commenter offered this perspective: “At least half of the children in the U.S. are born to a single parent. As long as being married is financially disadvantageous to everyone but the upper middle class and above (and it is), marriage rates will continue to drop.”

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