A Texas mom with a long history of criminal activity has been arrested when the drug test came back for her eleven-month-old baby. The infant tested positive for multiple drugs, including oxycodone, methamphetamine, marijuana, and other opiates. Police handcuffed 32-year-old Brittany Kuter and hauled her out of her residence in Burkburnett, Wichita Falls, on child endangerment charges just weeks after an arrest for tampering with evidence.

The Burkburnett Police Department became interested in Kuter regarding her baby after another daughter told a school counselor about the mother’s behavior. That other child alerted the school councilor that Kuter was abusing drugs right next to the small child – and that the little one had probably gotten exposed during the stints of abuse.

The little girl spoke about other problems in the house, too. For example, Kuter’s boyfriend was urging the little girl to cut herself.

This information was enough for police to get a search warrant of Kuter’s residence along Tidal Street. They searched it back on September 28 and found plenty of drugs on the premises. They found the eleven-month-old child inside the home during the search.

Kuter tried to prevent police from searching for the house. She told the cops that her mother owned the property and that they needed the mother’s permission to go ahead with the search. After some back-and-forth, Kuter broke down and allowed the officers into the home. She told them that her drug stash box was in the house and had a syringe and a spoon inside.

Around this time, Kuter’s mother gave police permission to search, and Kuter excused herself to go to the bathroom. An officer tried to stop her, asking her to let him search the room first.

Kuter began crying but “had no tears,” according to the police report. The officer stayed with Kuter while he obtained a pair of protective globes from the squad car. However, Kuter snuck back inside the home while the officer was preparing for the search, claiming that she went back inside to “put in a tampon.” They escorted her outside the home once again.

Police found her drug stash box – but it was empty. Instead, the syringe, spoon, and cotton ball was found under Kuter’s mother’s pillow. That’s when cops arrested her. During the ride to the station, an officer claimed that Kuter confessed to moving the evidence from the drug box to her mother’s room. This led to the charge of tampering with physical evidence.

Days later, she was charged with child endangerment when the hair follicle test from the baby came back positive for multiple drugs.

Since 2013, Kuter has been arrested about 30 times. Besides the arrest following the search described above, she was arrested for stealing an earwax removal kit from a drug store.

Readers of Daily Mail were horrified.

“It’s a miracle that the baby is still alive. How many arrests have to be made before a child is removed from the home? God bless this child forever.”

What do you think about how this Texas mother treated her infant?

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