A mom from Oklahoma gasped when she saw her daughter’s school picture day photos. The child, who is just two-years-old, smiled for the camera and did everything right. However, the photographer failed to see a glaring mistake right in front of their eyes. Based on how the school picture day photographer positioned the little girl, the photo made it seem like her shirt had the word “a**hole” printed across the front.

Now, 29-year-old Paige Ward, the little girl’s mother, is outraged and demands action. She had just come off of a 60-hour urgent care clinic shift and was utterly tired to the extreme. She forgot that her daughter had to take a photo for her school that day, so she threw the child into the first shirt she could find, which was one that said “sasshole” across the front.

She told BuzzFeed: “I woke up that morning exhausted and grabbed the first thing out of her closet I could see, which happened to be the famous ‘sasshole’ shirt.”

Although the child has worn the shirt to school before, Ward knew it was not going to be a problem. However, she had completely forgotten that it was picture day. If she had remembered, she would have tossed her child into a shirt that was more appropriate for a lasting memory.

Copies of the picture arrived two days later. Every photo showed a smiling little girl in a shirt that clearly said “a**hole” across the front. Because the photographer had not been paying attention to the details, the “s” in “sasshole” was covered by the child’s arm, which made the message appear to be something else entirely.

“Oh my god. Everyone is going to think I’m a horrible mother. How could I do this?”

However, Ward also found the incident to be hilarious. Since she was overworked and underpaid, she did not have too much time to worry about the mistake.

“The entire time, I was dying laughing because it just fits Emma’s personality and 2020 so well.”

Ward was so tickled by the incident that she shared it on TikTok with her followers. The Chinese-created social media app attracts people who wish to make others laugh.

“If you ever thought you were a bad mom, at least you didn’t forget picture day, and send your toddler to school in this.”

In a matter of days, the video went viral. Before long, Ward found that her post had been viewed more than 15 million times.

Most people found the story to be hilarious. But they were not the only ones who viewed the content. Some people shamed Ward for dressing her little daughter in such a controversial shirt in the first place. They blamed her for the mistake, claiming that it only happened because mom dressed her daughter in a shirt that declared her a “sasshole.”

Do you think mom should have dressed her daughter in that shirt? Or do you think, like millions of others, that this was just a harmless, funny moment mom can cherish forever?