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Mom Is Left Red In The Face After Looking Closely At Photo Her Family Took With Santa

December is the time of year when families take their children to the malls around the globe to snap a few pictures with Santa Claus. As children know, Santa visits malls to take photos with little boys and girls and to hear what they want to receive under the Christmas tree on the big day. Eager parents wait in lines of hours to get the holiday photos. But not every mall Santa experience is created equal.

The 29-year-old mother of two, Tammie Hopley, was left red-faced after she took a closer look at her family’s mall Santa photo.

Because she works as a dental assistant and an office manager, she enjoys her family time outside of work.

Although she shelled out $35 for the adorable, and timeless, photos for her children’s visit with Santa, she was shocked to see the very embarrassing error.

“We still really don’t know whether or not it was intentional,” she said. But now that she sees it, she can’t un-see it. And it’s going to change the way she thinks about the Santa photo for the rest of her days.

In the photo, you see mom and dad each holding onto one of their two children. In the image, her children, two-year-old Ryder, and ten-month-old Ledger are doing something unsavory, although we’re certain it was all just an innocent mistake.

The realization didn’t come to Tammie until she looked at it again the next day. And by that point, it was too late to do anything about the Santa photos. She’d already published them to social media and shared them with friends and family.

What’s the big problem? Ryder has a pained look on his face and is flipping the camera off with his middle finger.

Ryder seems to have an attitude about taking the family Christmas photo with mom, dad (30-year-old Matthew Hopley), and his younger brother. Mom couldn’t help but laugh at the mistake.

“This was Ryder’s third year going to meet Santa, and the first year he wasn’t screaming and crying,” Tammie said. “The previous years, he was so scared. Last year, he was crying so much we had to get a photo with Santa hiding behind us, so he didn’t realize he was there. This year was the first time he was happy to see Santa. The photographer was asking us to smile and do different faces. We had lots of different photos taken. In total I bought about 17 different photos, they were emailed to me for me to print for about 35 AUD.”

Ryder’s offensive gesture was caught only after Tammie shared the photos to a friend.

“Until she said it, I hadn’t spotted it at all and didn’t notice he was doing anything out of the ordinary – I just thought it was a nice photo of us all,” Tammie said. “What’s so funny is Ryder is not the type of kid to do that, he’s such a shy little boy, so it just came out of nowhere. He’s not the type of child to go out of his way to talk to anyone or cause trouble. It took everything he had, and everyone is convincing him just for him to even say two words to Santa.”