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Mom Is Outraged After The Hospital Accidentally Flushed Her Baby Down The Toilet

A hospital in Japan has been forced to apologize after they do the unthinkable. Before a mother of a stillborn baby had the chance to say goodbye to her lost child, the hospital staff flushed the stillborn down the toilet in an attempt to wash their hands clean of the incident. However, they quickly learned the errors of their ways when the 36-year-old woman did not get a chance to stay goodbye.

The woman had come to the hospital because she was experiencing symptoms of a miscarriage. When she sat on the toilet at the Saitama Red Cross Hospital in Saitama, Japan, for treatment, she, unfortunately, lost her child. At fourteen weeks along, the child was still very small, and the hospital staff did not consider the mother’s feelings when they decided to flush the bloody mass down the toilet.

Because the cleaner did not realize what had happened, they flushed the toilet before the traumatized mother had a chance to say goodbye. When she heard the flushing toilet, she could not believe it and was outraged.

The events happened like this. The 36-year-old woman was at the hospital when she asked to leave so she could go urinate. When she got to the toilet, she found herself miscarrying and was traumatized to be losing her unborn child.

The woman’s 39-year-old husband said that the woman miscarried the 14-week fetus into the toilet.

Because things had changed, the hospital staff moved her to a different room for treatment. But at that time, a member of the hospital’s cleaning staff came into the room and flushed the toilet without giving the traumatized woman a chance to say goodbye and come to terms with the fact that she had lost her pregnancy.

Doctors could hear the woman screaming as the cleaning person flushed the toilet. It is unclear why no one had removed the fetal remains from the toilet so the traumatized woman could get some closure. But it had not happened, and the remains were flushed down into the sewer.

The woman had been told that the fetus’s heart had stopped beating four days before she had the miscarriage. Although the fetus had passed away inside her, the woman hoped that the doctors had been wrong and along with her husband, hoped for the best.

They wanted to get a moment with the stillborn at least and perhaps get a handprint and name the lost baby. But those hopes were dashed when the hospital cleaning staff flushed the remains down the drain.

Since the horrific day, the hospital has written an apology to the family and promised to have taken measures to ensure that this type of thing never happens again.

“We offer our prayers to an empty urn every day,” the husband said. “My wife is traumatized by the sound of a flushing toilet. I don’t want a similar incident to occur again.”

It seems that the cleaning staff person made a simple mistake. However, it did have disastrous consequences for the woman and her husband because they did not get to say goodbye.

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