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Mom Is Under Attack After She Posts About Her “Least Liked” Child On Instagram

Parents are never supposed to say which child is their favorite. And no matter how many times you may ask a mom or dad, they will probably never admit that they have a favorite child – even at gunpoint. But one popular Instagram star and “mommy blogger” by the name Katie Bower was all too happy to tell her 53,000 followers about her “least liked” child in a recent Instagram post that has earned her a lot of heat.

During the course of the week, Bower shares a lot of photos of herself as she goes about the daily responsibilities of raising children and keeping a house in order. Her husband Jeremy also gets featured on the blog and Instagram – he is a big supporter of his wife.

But Bower just posted something on Instagram that proves she is not what she seems online. She shared a photo to celebrate her son’s sixth birthday as well as a long caption letting all her followers know that she doesn’t like the boy.

While the post started off normal, soon the Georgia woman let the dislike for her six-year-old son shine through.

As a mother of five children, Katie Bower has to have a lot of patience if she hopes to do a good job parenting. She has to let things roll off her back. If she is unable to do that, she’s never going to be able to show her kids the kind of love they need to grow up to be happy and successful adults.

But then Katie Bower admitted that this son, the one whose birthday it was, was a downer on her Instagram page because he always got the fewest likes and comments on Instagram – proving that popularity is what matters to Katie Bowers.

“Instagram never liked my Munchkin, and it killed me inside. I want to believe that it wasn’t him. That it was me. My insufficiency caused this statistical deficit because obviously my Munch should get all the love, and squinty eyes are totally adorable.”

Because Katie Bowers shared all “the numbers” with her children, she worried that his unpopularity on her Instagram page would destroy his self-esteem. So she begged her followers to give her son “all the likes… on his sixth birthday.”

Bloggers like Katie Bowers are popular because other moms look to them as examples. They “tell it like it is” and other mothers enjoy that because it makes mothering feel less lonely. And don’t get me wrong, moms often feel lonely when they spend most of their time with children rather than adults.

When other moms heard Katie’s reaction to her son’s unpopularity, they were outraged. She lost a lot of credibility as a mommy blogger with her biased view toward her “least liked” son. And she went viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

People could not believe that Katie Bowers begged her followers for likes, sighting her son’s unpopularity as the reason to give them to her. She also blamed the Instagram algorithm for not giving her son a chance to shine.

She has since deleted her rant about her “least liked” son.