Mom Loses The Use Of Her Thumb After A Visit To A Nail Salon (photo) : AWM

Mom Loses The Use Of Her Thumb After A Visit To A Nail Salon (photo)

When a mother of four Lowri-Anne Wilson decided to get herself some much-deserved pampering, she quickly realized that something had gone wrong. The 31-year-old mom opted to get a set of fake acrylic nails put onto her hands. But they were not put on correctly. Although she thought she was treating herself to a nice manicure, she was setting herself up for a nightmare that would be “more painful than childbirth.”

Not long after getting the acrylic nails put on, her thumb developed an abscess and then got infected. Underneath the fake nail, the wound kept getting worse. And now she has undergone an operation to stop the infection from spreading to her bone, which could prove very dangerous.

Because of her fake thumbnail infection, she has lost her job. And she is enduring pain that is worse than childbirth. To think, this nightmare happened because she wanted to treat herself to a moment of relaxation and personal care.

Wilson is from Porthcawl in southwest Wales. And just two days after her nail salon appointment, the mother of four found herself in agony.

When the infection got worse, she took herself to the hospital. Instead of treating her disease, they told her to return to the salon that caused the problem and get the nails removed.

The staff at the salon refused to service her. So Wilson returned to the hospital. And because of all these delays, the infection had time to fester and strengthen. The doctor told her it had to almost spread to her bone. She might lose her thumb.

Now she is going to get an operation to remove the abscess that is causing her so much misery.

She cannot believe this nightmare happened to her. She was just trying to treat herself to something special!

“I had my nails done in a salon, two days later there was a pulsing pain in my thumb on my left hand. It then began to swell, I went to the hospital, and they told me that I had to go back to the nail salon to get it removed. I went back to the salon, and they refused to take it off, in the end, I had to have it removed in the hospital.”

She said,

“I had an infection in my nail. It was so bad that I had an abscess under my nail. I had an X-ray, and I was told that if the infection had spread to the bone, then I could have lost my thumb. I am now on antibiotics for the pain, but that isn’t working.”

Because she had started a new job and was on a probationary period, they fired her because of her medical emergency.

Now she wants to warn other moms about getting fake nails.

“I was on gas and air for two hours, it was the worst pain that I have ever experienced, and I have had four children. This is the first lot of surgery that I will be going through. There will be others to follow when the nail starts growing back. I have also lost my job. I was in a probation period, and I currently can’t work as I am in so much pain. This could happen to anyone if you have your nails done. I would never have them done now. It’s just not worth it. I’ve been told that my nail may never grow again and it’s going to take at least six months to heal.”