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Mom Posted A Photo Breastfeeding While Drinking And It’s Causing A Huge Debate Online

You have to be careful what you post on social media these days — everything is open for criticism and people aren’t shy about sharing their opinions. With breastfeeding in public officially legal in all 50 states, Jessie James Decker took to Instagram to share a photo of her celebrating. In the photo, Jessie is seen sitting with her son nursing as she holds a glass of champagne in one hand and flashes a peace sign with the other.

The image sparked some debate, however, as the “Flip My Hair” singer came under fire for appearing to be drinking while breastfeeding.

Jessie has three children with her husband, NFL player Eric Decker. The baby in the photo is their youngest, Forrest Bradley, who was born in March. She captioned the image: “Cheers bitches.”

She received a range of reactions among the comments, with some people applauding her, others showing concern, and still others just generally offended by breastfeeding photos being posted on social media.

One person asked: “Why do women feel the need to post a pic of their boob hanging out on social media?” and another commenter noted: “We get it — you’re breastfeeding and that’s awesome, but at least cover yourself up with a baby blanket. Come on now. My husband would not be OK with me posting a pic like this on social media. That’s something to be kept PRIVATE!!!!”

Others slammed Jessie for appearing to be drinking, with one person writing: “If you can’t handle the most incredible bonding time with your baby without a drink, you need a friend who says stop.”

Another commenter agreed, sharing: “Everything you put in your mouth goes to the baby. I don’t wanna hear it. Don’t drink if you can’t be responsible. Not arguing, just be a mom and take care of your kids.”

Many fans, however, were in Jessie’s corner, with one person writing: “Enjoy your drink! Mamas, as long as it is safe to HOLD your baby, it is safe to NURSE your baby! Don’t pump and dump that precious milk! Educate yourselves on the science of nursing! Happy Breastfeeding Week!!”

Another fan agreed, noting: “Do your thing! Your kids are beautiful and seem very healthy! Let a girl live, people!!”

Still others attempted to explain that she’s not doing any harm, with one person sharing: “The milk in her boobs that little one is already drinking won’t be affected by alcohol. The teacher at my breastfeeding class said the best time to have a drink is WHILE breastfeeding for that exact reason.”

According to Dr. Jack Newman of La Leche League International: “Reasonable alcohol intake should not be discouraged at all… very little alcohol comes out in the milk. The mother can take some alcohol and continue breastfeeding as she normally does. Prohibiting alcohol is another way we make life unnecessarily restrictive for nursing mothers.”

For anyone looking for specific guidelines about drinking while nursing, the American Academy of Pediatrics notes that the “ingestion of alcoholic beverages should be minimized and limited to an occasional intake [which is approximately]… 2 oz. liquor, 8 oz. wine, or 2 beers.”

Further, they note that “nursing should take place two hours or longer after the alcohol intake to minimize its concentration in the ingested milk.”